How to sell your favorite Wellinhand formulas!

Love your THERAPY OIL so much that you'd like to see your friends and family enjoy its relief and experience such comfort?

Know someone who needs Yeast Rescue almost as much as you once did?

Rather see your friends' kids use Wellinhand's non-toxic lice formula?

Would you like some extra income?  Make your own hours? Be your own boss?  

Become a Wellinhand Independent Distributor!  Sell only the products that you're crazy about!

  • No multi-level marketing
  • No pyramid scheme
  • No one above you or below you.
  • No membership fee.
  • No expensive kits with Wellinhand's entire line


Simple.  You can either:

  • Buy minimum of $200.00 in inventory wholesale and sell at the suggested retail (you keep the difference) or

  • Ask us to dropship Wellinhand to your peeps.  This way you buy wholesale and sell retail without having to buy any inventory. That means you have no storage issues. We ship within 24 business hours.

         How this works: You email an order with your payment.  The "bill to" is you.           The "ship to" is your customer.  We send a packing slip to you and email                the invoice to you.  You pay for shipping to your customer and this will be reflected on your invoice. You can sell by the each or by the case.  It's up to you!


Either way, we will provide the order form which you may copy for your customers. It will have your contact info already on it.