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"Love this product - HIGHLY recommend it!! When I am stressed and really tired but just cannot rest...I rub some on my temples and just below my ear and get the sleep I need! Also, I tend to grind my teeth at night and just can't deal with a mouth guard. I massage some on each of my cheeks and it does help! Thanks for a non medicinal way to get a peaceful night of sleep!" T.H.


“Your SLEEP RESCUE rescued my mother’s dignity in her last days. The medicine they gave her agitated her terribly. Your oil is sacred to our family. Thank you.”


“Linda, I enjoyed meeting you today. I am looking forward to trying the Sleep oil tonight. I know the Therapy Oil provides me with much relief so I am sure to get a good nites sleep tonite with the other oil!” P.C., VA


“The night before my auditions I have a terrible time getting to sleep. On the big day I am so tired that I either blow my lines or make silly mistakes. SLEEP RESCUE relaxes my mind so that I get the rest I need to perform brilliantly. It’s wonderful, thanks!” D.L., CA


“I used to sit up on the edge of my bed at night because I hurt so much. SLEEP RESCUE fades my pain; I sleep through the night and then I can play at the top of my game! Nice product!” E.D., SC


Ellert Motorsports endorses "Well In Hand" herbal therapy oils made by Linda Doby. Joe races in the Budweiser Super Late Model class. We won our fast heat and finished sixth in the big feature event. You can read about it here and then scroll down to the points for each class. We have used your SLEEP RESCUE for a few years now and would never be without it including at the track each week. I had a ribcage injury and nothing I took helped the pain. I saw your THERAPY OILs and wanted to give them a try. PAIN RESCUE feels great! We use them for helping us sleep at night and all the aches and pains all over as well. Thank you for great products Linda and anytime we are running low we "speed" to the phone to order more!"Joe and Teresa Ellert, Ellert Motorsports


"This product has opened up my nights to sleep eight hours instead of two. The Well In Hand SLEEP RESCUE has caused me to wake refreshed and ready for the day instead of groggy and grumpy. Thank you so much for the relief SLEEP RESCUE has given me." J.H., VA


"Linda, Thank you for "SLEEP RESCUE." It not only helps me sleep through the night but it takes the edge off any anxiousness I'm having. It also worked better than antidepressants. My family I'm, happy to tell you, is having the same results." S.S., Canada


"This is an open testimonial to Linda Doby and Wellinhand Herbals Remedies.  For over eight years now I have used many of the Wellinhand topical products and have recommended and given them to my clients when they travel.

The Therapy Oil is wonderful for relieving discomfort from blisters that new shoes can bring; it stops itching from bug bites and dry skin and soothes burns of all types.

The Cut Rescue that my nieces call "magic dirt" is the only product I've ever seen that stops bleeding on contact without stinging and is great for people and pets in repairing everything from paper cuts to deeper cuts and wounds.  I carry all these products in my Emergency First Aid kit and travel with them around the world sharing with all who need relief.

In addition to these great remedies, I can recommend Sleep Rescue for those who can't stop "thinking" long enough to relax and get sleep whether traveling or resting in your own bed.  This product also seems to have stress relieving properties.

I trust completely the products by Linda Doby at Wellinhand and recommend them all without hesitation.  for non chemical relief - turn to Wellinhand for natural healing and trusted products.

Sincerely, L.T., Travel Consultant and Group Travel Specialist"

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