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“Dear Well-in-Hand, As a Naturopathic Physician I have been attempting to treat a common wart over the dorsum of the distal interphalangeal joint on the right small finger of my 14 year old son for over 2 years.  The initial wart measured approximately .5 x .5 cm and recently noticed two smaller warts more proximal on his finger.  We had tried numerous over-the-counter treatments and custom formulations, each time the wart would shrink slightly but would never completely resolve. After using Wart Wonder for about 2 weeks the warts are completely gone.  It is a great relief for my son as he had become embarrassed by covering it all the time with a band-aid, and a great relief for me as a father to see that it has completely resolved.   I would like to commend you for such a fine product and will recommend Wart Wonder to my patients and friends in the future. Thank you for your assistance. Yours in Health, Dr. Barry A. Broughton"


"Dear Linda Doby, You and your product saved my daughter on so many levels; pain of any more Doctors treatments being at the top of her list. Gracie has had hand warts since preschool, and has tried many conventional and alternative forms of treatment over a five year period. We experienced some relief, but they would return and multiply. She was very brave thru it all. Then we moved and started going to our new health food store in town. That’s where we found WART WONDER! YIPPIE!!!  Wart Wonder worked immediately the skin bubbled up within a day or two. It took 6 to 8 weeks to completely cure all of those stubborn original warts. That was 6 months ago and not one has popped up any where! We cant’ thank you enough!  Your formula is the ONLY thing that really worked, and it's PAIN FREE wow!  WART WONDERFUL! Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!  Mom, Dad & Gracie"


“Linda,  I want to let you know how great we think Wart Wonder is!  Patients that I have recommended Wart Wonder to have had great results.  A hockey player had 5 warts on his hand and they kept bleeding during games.  They went to doctors and tried everything ~ freezing, burning and surgically removing them ~ yet, they were still a problem until he used Wart Wonder and they went away after a month of use.  Also, a football player went through the same processes with plantar warts on his feet.  He used Wart Wonder and he too, achieved success!  Everyone that followed through with the use of this product is wart free.  We have even had fantastic results using this product on our own child!  Thanks for creating such a natural, painfree and effective product!!!” Dr. William C. Harris, Jr. Harris Chiropractor


"How did you discover the secret of removing warts so well and without pain when no one in the world has been able to do what you do for us?  Everyone in the world with warts needs to know about your Wart Wonder.  I am doing my bit. I tell everyone about Well-in-Hand!" Craig, IA


“See the two warts on my thumb? No you don’t!  All gone!  We primates miss our thumbs when we cannot use them much.  It took 2 and a half months—they were deep.  Great product!  Good job.”  J.R., VA


"Hi!  I had 26 warts.  Creams from the doctor did not work.  Since creams didn't work, I tried Wart Wonder and a month and a half later I am down to just two warts left.  Wow."  Chad, MD


"I had a lot of warts that spread all over my arm for a year and a half.  I tried burning them off, creams, and ointments.  None of them worked.  They said they'd go away in a year and they never did. I used your product for less than a week.  They all went away!!  I didn't even put it on all of them.  Maybe  like 15% of them with one Band-Aid.  I couldn't believe all the trouble I went through for almost 2 years and it was so easy with your product.  Thank you so much.  I had to tell you that about Wart Wonder.  I never write companies but I had to tell you guys.  I thought they'd never go away.  It's been over a year now and they never came back. Love, Steve”


"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for creating your miracle medicine, wart wonder!!  My 9 year old son had flat warts on his forehead for about 3 years before we used your product.  We went to our family doctor, a dermatologist and to the  U of M medical center in Ann Arbor, but no one could seem to help us, or would risk removing the warts because they would come back, or my son would have a permanent scar from the surgery.  My heart just broke every time kids would ask my son what was "wrong" with his forehead.  I wanted so bad to help him, so as a last resort, I started to look on the internet for help, and found you website, which had a testimonial of a young man who had flat warts on his face, and wart wonder worked for him.  I had already spent over $100 in co-pays at the doctors, so I thought for $25 it was worth a try.  We received the wart wonder in June of 2002, and started using it right away.  My son had ALOT of warts on his forehead, so it took a while for them to go away.  We had to use the product for about 2 1/2 months, and we only covered the warts with a band-aid at night because it embarrassed my son to wear a band-aid over his entire forehead during the day.   I thought the warts started to look worse because they were kind of a purplish red color, so I stopped using the wart wonder to give his skin a break before using it again, but to my surprise the warts dried up and disappeared with in 1 week of stopping the use of the product!!  I then realized that the wart wonder had killed the warts.  We had to use 2 bottles of wart wonder, so for $50 my son has gotten his life back again.  I am happy to say that as of October 2003, there are no signs of warts reappearing, and no scarring at all from using the wart wonder.  Your Wart Wonder is a WONDER!!! This stuff is truly a miracle! Anyone who is still not sure about this product can e-mail me at lingalou@hotmail.com. I was not paid to say these things, I am a stay at home mom with two kids, and I want to spread the word about a great inexpensive product that really works." C.W., OR


"This stuff is truly a miracle!!  Anyone who is still not sure about this product can e-mail me at lingalou@hotmail.com.  I was not paid to say these things, I am a stay at home mom with two kids, and I want to spread the word about a great inexpensive product that really works.  Thanks again--M. C., Brownstown, Michigan"


"I was so impressed with Wart Wonder! Last year I had a wart on my finger that I had cut off, used every product on the market and then I used Wart Wonder.  The wart is now gone.  I'm a believer in that one!"  Dr. R. May, WA


"I had this big painful, ugly wart on my finger.  I used Wart Wonder for four weeks.  Eventually a million little black seeds came to surface, millions!  When the wart was almost gone in the last week, I felt it hurt a little at the end but nothing like it does to have cut if off.  It didn't leave any scars and doesn't smell as nasty as what is in the grocery store and which doesn't work anyway. Believe me! That stuff is rough.  Thank you for product!"  IN


"I'm from Brazil, I'm 10 ten yrs. old, and I had a big wart!  My mom bought your Wart Wonder medicine, and in 2 weeks it got better and at the end of the month, it disappeared!  Now, I'm going to Brazil to visit and my cousin is going to use the rest of the bottle.  Thank You Very Much,  Sincerely," R.L., CO


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can't seem to figure out why a certified doctor, to whom I have paid hundreds of dollars, could not offer the results which you have for only $25.  I have had scattered warts on my left hand for most of my life, and in recent years have had many flat warts on my face.  It has only been two weeks and I am seeing greater results than I have with all other products combined for my multi-year-long battle, plus there is no redness, soreness, peeling...it's all worry free!  I'm almost done with my first bottle and I have my hopes set on it taking only one more bottle before my wart worries are gone forever.”  J.E., AZ


“Well, just a couple weeks into it, the Wart Wonder product is working great on my daughter's facial flat warts. Were not quite done with our first bottle and ALL are gone on her forehead, under her chin and next to her ear (where they were the most plentiful).  We're still working on a cluster in the center of her left cheek and a smaller cluster in the center of her right cheek.  You've made a believer out of me that you definitely have an excellent product in Wart Wonder.”  D.S., MD


"I am a physician and wanted to write you about your product Wart Wonder.  I have to be discreet, but about 6 years ago I noticed I had HPV, noticed one small Genital wart, and had it removed by cyrotherapy, and then just a month ago I noticed another small bump, I have been under a lot of stress lately and I know HPV thrives on stress due the immune system being weekend. I noticed your product at a natural health store and decided to try it. I am amazed by the results! I probably overused it within the first two days, because I was applying it a lot, but within two days the wart starting to turn white, and during that time I filed the wart down to expose more of the skin. Within another day the wart was gone with only remaining a small hole where the wart once was and that filled back in with normal healthy skin within 4 days. Then the other day I noticed another and the same process occurred. That wart is alson now gone. This is by far the least traumatic thing I ever experienced, and has made the embarrassment and stress of this virus easier to deal with knowing you have a product that works and works fast. I was wondering what exactly makes this product work so fast? What are the chances that the warts will come back or do these essential oils actually destroy the virus at the underlying skin. I know that HPV never does anyways because the virus is actually always under the skin, but have you heard or know if this will actually kill the virus under that area of the skin that is treated and will not come back again there? After applying the product I noticed several black dots surrounding the area, and also the area where the oils dripped; are these future warts and are showing where the capillaries are feeding the wart?  I am just very interested in this product. And also is there anything else I can do to prevent these warts from reoccurring again, like anything out there to increase the immune system, or do you know of anything naturally that can actually fight off the HPV virus.  I would appreciate your response.”  Regards,  Dr. KB


“It actually worked! I was so skeptical! I am amazed at the success of Wart Wonder. To get rid of the virus that makes warts, People usually go to a dermatologist knowing that they have to have a scar as a result of treatment. The resulting scars can be worse than the dadgum wart itself. I saw your product at Whole Foods and figured, why not? Lo and behold, my son's warts are gone! It took two weeks, but they are gone!” R.B., TX


“Hi, folks, I've never written a letter to a company in my whole life and I want you to know this is coming from a cynical, ex-advertising exec who worked for one of the biggest ad agencies in the world. I had to let you know, however, that "Wart Wonder" actually did what you claimed. I had ugly viral warts on the tips of three fingers around the nails and it looked terrible! I went to a Dr. who sliced off the tips of my fingers with a razorblade, causing a lot of bleeding. Then I wore adhesive bandages over the fingers for a month, but it came right back. I then tried over-the-counter-wart removers that were very acidic and none of them worked. This went on for months and I actually started wearing Band-aids on my fingertips just to hide them. My wife, who believes in herbal remedies, asked me to try your product and I was very skeptical. By the time I finished one bottle, the warts were completely gone and never came back! I don't understand (or maybe I do) why doctors don't just use this right off the bat, but I'm sure glad I did. Thanks for a product that actually does what it says it will do!” J. W., CA


“I loved your stuff. I had tried every thing there is to get warts off and none of them would ever work. I then found Wart Wonder and now all of my warts are gone and have not come back! The only thing I think you guys should do is to explain on the bottle what to expect to happen to the warts. The first couple of days I wasn't sure and got worried when the warts got purple and dark red. But other than that I think you are great and your product really does work! Thank you!” L. T., CA


“After a podiatrist took a scalpel to a group of warts on my toe and I bled for two days and could barely walk for a week and then told me to come again so he could burn them, I never made the next appointment.  I found this site and ordered Wart Wonder right away.  Two weeks later, they were gone. There was no pain, no skin peeling, no recurrence. This product is amazing!”   Happy Customer, CA


“I waited three years for this day! It's amazing!! My beard area was covered in flat warts. It is very hard getting an acting job with warts all over one's face, much less finding a girlfriend. I found Wart Wonder at the Redondo Beach Whole Foods store, have used it for a week and my face is gorgeous! I had tried everything from Thuja Oil to Tea Tree to Pau d'Arco tea and other preparations. I saw several dermatologists who gave me medicine to ignite my immune system but nothing worked! Wart Wonder targeted the wart leaving the surrounding skin alone. It is worth every penny. If it were not for Wart Wonder I would have had the warts forever!” C.B., CA


“My husband and I recently purchased your product for warts for our daughter who has suffered for some time from Plantar’s warts. The product is working so well, she looked for your website and told me about your Well-in-Hand Therapy Oil, which I purchased today at the health food store. We gave them a glowing report about the wart product, which they were very happy to hear. I am going to use your Well-in-Hand Therapy Oil for wrist pain I have been having since a severe wrist fracture six months ago. My daughter told me to read what YOU have to say, so I intend to do just that. Thank You!”  J.J., LA


"YOU ARE AMAZING!  I did an internet search to find you. It is because of what you wrote about your 5 year old that my daughter's warts are all gone! I tried other products on my own five year old.   Other products burned/destroyed her skin.  That Compound W stuff that turned my daughter's finger into hamburger. Wart Wonder - all warts are all gone, no pain, amazing.  I am making my husband get rid of his warts now! It is because of you that I am able to switch my family over to all sorts of herbs and natural remedies.  Now they try all these things that they never would before. This is the third shipment you have to send cuz we use it faith reapply and skin stays healthy.  Keep developing cuz this is the only way to go, thank you for developing this.  I was horrified to see what other products did to my little girl.  Wart Wonder is amazing: not a scar, not a mark, just the healthy little skin as she was meant to have. "I tell every one in my neighborhood you "guys have to try this!" E.S. OH


“I ordered Wart Wonder about a month ago. I had been suffering with a persistent wart on my finger for over a year. I had been to every health food store in my area, looked through all the herbal books, tried at least seven different "cures" and though the wart would shrink, it would not go away. Two weeks of Wart Wonder made it disappear! Gone. Adios. No mo' wart! I'm delighted. Thank you so much for your great product.” Warmly, L.T., VA


“I bought this Wart Wonder product with a great deal of skepticism. I had a wart between my toes which went undetected until it got big. I spent several hundred dollars with a dermatologist, and it kept coming back. I also tried salicylic acid from the drugstore (it doesn't work!). I have also tried other natural remedies, which did not work. I'm especially glad to be able to treat this problem herbally, without the heavy handedness so common in western medicine. Thank you for making such a great product.”  D.T., MD


“Dear Sir or Madame, I am writing you regarding - Wart Wonder! Wart Wonder saved my face. I have suffered from warts on my face and nothing else has ever worked including electric zapping, prescriptions, etc..... Also, from all of the doctors trials my face ended up with other side effects - such as rashes, scaling, etc. I applied Wart Wonder to my whole face - it is powerful and almost makes you cry from the fumes but it removed all my infections. It does cause tenderness at first and you may want to wean yourself on the areas applied at first. I use Wart Wonder now as a tonic once a week to keep my face clear and also use Zero Zits  daily. Your products have saved my face!!” Sincerely, Garret Cord Werner


“Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please add my testimonial for your Wart Wonder product to your list. I contacted a deep wart on a finger whilst I was attending to a wart on the foot of my young teenage daughter. I cut my finger with a small scalpel and some of the virus went in very deep. I spent three years with traditional acid jellies, all to no avail. Numerous small seed warts just kept re-appearing. I was even thinking of having the finger end irradiated or deep frozen. I tried your product as a last resort and it worked. I think keeping the area damp, allowing the substance to work longer helps. Thank you for a great idea and product. Double the price, it is worth it!” Yours sincerely, P.G., UK


“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that you've got a faithful customer for life.  I am going to order several of your products after I write this note to you. My son was plagued with flat warts for 3 years!  He developed them when he was 10 years old, and not knowing what they were...I didn't do anything until they were basically out of control.  He had several on his chin, nose, and forehead.  My daughter started to get them as well-as they are highly contagious.  We went to the dermatologist for 2 years, going through painful sessions of burning them off.  What's worse, is the Doctor gave us no hope whatsoever.  He said that often times, they never go away.  My son, now 13 was getting so frustrated that he resolved himself to the fact that he would just have to live with these warts. That is when I got on the Internet and found your website.  I couldn't believe it when I saw one of the testimonials from someone else who suffered with flat warts as well.  I ordered the Wart Wonder that same day.  I want to tell you, that within 3 weeks his warts were gone!  It was amazing to watch this stuff work!  It was almost as if the wart wonder was pulling the poison right out...they became raised and red, then scabbed.  We put it on religiously 3 times a day...but gave it a break when his skin started to become sensitive.  Well, they are gone...and I can't thank you enough!  Oh, and by the way, my daughter only required a few treatments...and hers are gone also!  Thank you so, so much!”  J.D., MI


“After 5 years and hundreds of dollars going to dermatologists for warts, I was about to give up. I went to herbal garlic, castor oil, vitamin A and E...nothing worked...until I came across WART WONDER. This is the most amazing stuff that I have ever tried!! Everyone who knows me and my trouble with warts is in disbelief. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and Wart Wonder. After 5 long years I can now go out without putting bandages on my warts to hide them. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” K. V., VA


“HI, I'm a 60 year old with a lovely back. About a month ago I started getting what I first thought was a bug-bite then an infection...then, because it was growing so fast. I thought the worst! Showed it to my doctor, who told me it was a wart and to come back in two weeks to either have it frozen, or cut out.  None of these options were appealing to me. I asked at my local Health Food Store, if they had anything for warts and there was your product.  At the Ashland Co-op in Ashland, Oregon.  I used it for less then a week...when the entire thing just fell off!! It was the size of a 6mm bead feeling like 1/2 of it was under my skin. NO more!!”


"I showed my podiatrist how Wart Wonder got rid of all those Plantars warts and he said, "Holy cow!"  It's super stuff.  The wart just went bye, bye.  You've got a lot of good products.  I am using your FungiFree now.  It is the only thing on the market that does any good!"  S. B., TX


"Wart Wonder WORKS wonders! With regular application, no fewer than ten warts on my fingers and hands disappeared like MAGIC. It's not an instant process, but the time taken was well worth it. This is the only
successful product I have found that does not leave any kind of scar or evidence of warts. Thanks a million!" K.S.


"I used WART WONDER and my wart it is gone. It was a 2-3 year old, 1"x1" 20 mosaic. It was fantastic. There was no scarring. Since it took care of that, I will keep it in our office. I used no band-aids whatsoever like the directions suggested. I sprayed 3-5 times twice a day with the SUPER POTENT WART WONDER. Thanks for a good product." Dr. Virgil Robertson


"Thank you so very much. I appreciate your prompt attention to this. I never thought I would get rid of that huge wart. But so far it's gone due to Wart Wonder. I have been telling anyone that has warts to get Wart Wonder immediately." K.C., IL


"Two years ago my seven year old had 30 warts. We put it on faithfully for a couple of months and they went away. This is a good product."


"My 7-year-old had molluscum contagiosum all over his side. The doctor said that our only option was to freeze them all off. I decided to try WART WONDER before we went through that and it totally worked. I didn't
find any information anywhere that said that you could get rid of molluscum. Well, you can! Thanks so much!" K.W.


"I had a large, ugly plantar wart on the ball of my foot. I worked with my primary caretaker, my dermatologist. They used acid and it didn't work. WART WONDER is one third the price of a doctor's visit, so I thought I would try the SUPER POTENT. I would use it let it dry and then put on socks and shoes. When I went to Hawaii where I wear flip flops, I used it 3 times a day and at the end of the day I would grate it down. My friend would look at it every day and was surprised by how it got smaller and smaller. We would laugh at her reactions. It got pretty ugly but within 2 months it was totally gone. WART WONDER is a great product. Send me a catalog so I can see what else you make."


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