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"Hello Ms. Doby and WellinHand,

I, only recently, discovered you and your pot of gold. A new entry on my bucket list goes, "Try every WellinHand product. And lavish the pleasure of it." What a great find. Your products are so comprehensive, while being so very real. You go to the source of realistic problems, problems most don't want to admit they battle. And so the silent war goes on. 

My roommate discovered you.  When her package arrived, she shared the wealth. Last night we sat down and made a list of the products we want to try next.  I'm emailing to give you solid applause. I am honestly and truly excited to find you.  After my thrill of the find, I perused your website and Facebook page.  Your links are readily available and your presence is there. I simply fell in love with your products, the originality, the uniqueness, and the relevance. You have the products, the substance, you only need to take your marketing and image to another step. Again, I simply fell in love with your products and your story."  T.T. 


"This is an open testimonial to Linda Doby and Wellinhand Herbals Remedies.  For over eight years now I have used many of the Wellinhand topical products and have recommended and given them to my clients when they travel.

The Therapy Oil is wonderful for relieving discomfort from blisters that new shoes can bring; it stops itching from bug bites and dry skin and soothes burns of all types.

The Cut Rescue that my nieces call "magic dirt" is the only product I've ever seen that stops bleeding on contact without stinging and is great for people and pets in repairing everything from paper cuts to deeper cuts and wounds.  I carry all these products in my Emergency First Aid kit and travel with them around the world sharing with all who need relief.

In addition to these great remedies, I can recommend Sleep Rescue for those who can't stop "thinking" long enough to relax and get sleep whether traveling or resting in your own bed.  This product also seems to have stress relieving properties.

I trust completely the products by Linda Doby at Wellinhand and recommend them all without hesitation.  for non chemical relief - turn to Wellinhand for natural healing and trusted products.

Sincerely, L.T., Travel Consultant and Group Travel Specialist"


"I am 15 years old and from North London and I spend a lot of my time campaigning tirelessly for animals. Therefore I was delighted to discover that you do not conduct or fund tests on animals.  I think this is brilliant and sets a great example for similar companies who should be doing the same.  Thank you very much for taking the time to read my email and good luck for the future," D.J.H.


"Well in Hand Herbals is an amazing company. They have created vegan products to treat common ailments that we might have otherwise had to settle on an over the counter remedy for relief.

Well in Hand's line of products consists of treatments for warts (Wart Wonder), yeast (Yeast Rescue), acne (Zero Zits), and fungus (Fungifree), among many others. You no longer have to treat these issues with harsh, non-vegan chemicals. Well in Hand products are just as effective and you can feel good about using them on yourself and your family.

But don't think that Well in Hand only produces treatments for ailments. They also make a delicious foaming body wash in scents like Minty Mischief and Jasmine Desire so you can pamper yourself everyday. Moisture Rescue Sea Scrubs are also a wonderful way to take care of your skin and your spirit. You can choose from varieties to exfoliate and moisturize your face, feet, and body. The formulas and scents of Well in Hand products are delicious!

Their entire line is vegan, and I am sure that you will be happily surprised to learn more about all of the products that make up the Well in Hand Herbal company. Go to www.wellinhand.com to order any of their products." VegFamily.com

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