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"Your products are amazing-I'm 33 years old and have tried every product out there for my breakouts and acne scarring. I have large pores - combination skin - w/ black heads and I've seen a major difference in the past 4 months of using. Purchased ZERO ZITZ! from Tidal Creek in Wilmington, NC - but thought I'd try ordering directly from you. A product to be proud of!!!" L.O., NC


"Hello. I'm from Frederick Maryland, 17 years old senior in high school and recently bought your Zero Zitz product at Mom's Market. I've had perfect skin my whole life till about 2 years ago. There were days i would stay home and cry and not go to school because i felt like such a freak. i'd tried tons of different products and imy skin was just getting woarse. I started useing your product and I LITERALLY felt a difference the first time i used it. im really really really glad to say its been a month now since i started and there is no blemish on my face. So i would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH SO SO MUCH for helping me in feeling beautiful again. With much love and gratitude." Name withheld.


“When my Rosacea flares up in the heat it is really bumpy and has started to change the shape of my nose like WC Fields’.  I don’t believe in cover-ups. Neem cream made it worse.  Your nourishing ZERO ZITZ dramatically reduced my Rosacea two days.  Using it 3 times a day seems to be the solution.  My face is not red at all and as a health care provider I need to look healthy. It’s wonderful I am very happy with ZERO ZITS!” B.S. Gainesville, FL


"The squirt thing is absolutely wonderful. My skin is gorgeous after I use it. I love Tangerine Vanilla astringent." D.S., VA


"I've been using your ZERO ZITZ for a couple days on a HUGE disaster on my face. I put some on a tissue and held it there and the ugly cystic pimple went right down. Its fantastic stuff. Good stuff! I love it." K.T., PA


“If you've ever suffered with acne, this product is a miracle for you. I've tried everything- even Accutane. This is better! Further, it does not dry the skin. It has cured pimples in hours- literally! Every one I know who tries it now swears by it. Do yourself a favor- buy it. From minor break-outs to cystic acne, ZERO ZITZ works!" L.V., NJ


"Thank you for the order. we luvvvvvvvv ZERO ZITZ!!" K.M., LA


"Morning! Thank you for the confirmations. Also, thank you for the samples, my daughter loves ZERO ZITZ. It is working wonderful for her. She is very very happy. Have a great week." Sharon, CT


"We love the ZERO ZITZ! We cannot keep it on the shelves; we always have back orders for it all the time here at Esthetique Paris (PHOENIX). I buy it for the salon; my clients love the results they get with ZERO ZITZ and come back again ad again for it." G.C., AZ


"Your ZERO ZITZ tea-tree astringent was amazing! I am a true believer of your products." K.G., MN


"Greetings, I just had to write, which is something because I never write to any company. I really have to complement you on your product ZERO ZITZ Emergency Power. Never in my life have I come across such an amazing acne treatment, EVER!”


"I picked up your ZERO ZITZ product at a market we have here in town and then I put it down thinking to myself, 'why bother?', but something made me go back and take it off the shelf again and I am so glad I did. In the two weeks that I have been using the product my acne has calmed down unbelievably. At the start I had 5 very large lumps ( I don't call them bumps because their much bigger than that, in fact around here their known as 'BONKERS') and now I only have one small one left. The marks that were left behind from previous 'BONKERS' are also starting to fade, WOW! Can I ever thank you enough? Not a chance! But please know your ZERO ZITZ product has changed my life in just two short weeks. That sounds absurd doesn't it, but before I started this product and I was BONKERFIED I wouldn't even go out to dinner with my husband for the sheer embarrassment of being seen in such a dreadful condition. Last night I enjoyed a lovely dinner of Chicken Gratella in a beautiful Italian restaurant! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Blessings Always to You." M.J.


"To The Creators of ZERO ZITZ, My name is Jolleen and I will be turning 30 this year and getting married. I have had severe cystic acne for years due to hormonal suppression therapy and it seems to only get worse with age. I have tried every product made by man from harsh burning creams and strong antibiotics that only throw the rest of my body systems out of whack and don't work. Out of frustration I bought your 'Prom Night' and after two days I noticed my face wasn't as blotchy and my skin looked a little clearer. I have now used your product for a little over a week and I have to say my face has cleared up by about 90%. I just started using with it your 'Cease the Grease' cleanser and only hope things continue to improve. Regardless of the price I plan to continue to use your products and look forward to an acne free wedding this spring! You have changed my life and I am no longer afraid to look in the mirror. I only wish I had taken 'before' pictures to show you the difference you have made. God bless you and all the wonderful work that you do." Jolleen


"Michael LOVES his ZERO ZITZ acne treatment. It is the ONLY product we have ever found that gives results. I will gladly write a testimonial for the product line." D.S., VA (You just did, Diane!)


"ZERO ZITZ is wonderful. I have taken my daughter to the world of skin care and now that she is starting high school now she is so happy because ZERO ZITZ cleared her up in one week!"


"Thanks very much for your quick response. The major thing upsetting me was that i might run out of your products. I have suffered from serious acne since puberty. I have used every topical antibiotic, oral antibiotics, Retin-A and cosmedic skin care products from Murad to Clarins and everything in between. Nothing has worked as well your products. Thank you for putting them out on the market!" J.R.B., MO


"Thank you for without ZERO ZITZ I would be ugly!" S.W., CA


"I just wanted to write to tell you that I love the product, ZERO ZITZ. I tell others about it whenever I can and I love to give them the samples you send with my orders to try to get them to love it too, and clear up their face." C.W.


"Here is my order for ZERO ZITZ. Please keep the extra cash since I know how hard it is to keep a vegan company going! God bless." S.W., CA


"Thank you soooo much!! I miss washing my face with your products....Just to let you know, I've been buying Well-In-Hand for almost two years now and I do not intend on replacing them EVER!! I used to have a SERIOUS acne problem for a long time, and one time a friend and I drove by a little shoppe here in Los Angeles who was selling your products. To say the least, she recommended I use Emergency Power Astringent and Kreamy Kleanzer, and it's worked like a charm!!! My skin looks great (except in times of stress and monthly cycles) and I truly appreciate your products very much. Many people recommended I should use ProActive, but I never really liked using strong chemicals or alcohol-based products. I used Neutrogena for many years since it was the only product on the market that was not as strong or abrasive on my skin. HA HA!!! Once I came across ZERO ZITZ! it's made a world of difference, even on my self-esteem. I used to be horribly self-conscious of my acne, being that I was in my mid-20's, and it was very embarassing. But now, I love to look at my face and feel great! Again, thank you very, very much!! Sincerely, L.C., CA"


"You know I will keep ordering because my husband used to suffer from cystic kind of acne but no more! We spent a fortune on other products tht didn't work. We both use ZERO ZITZ Kreamy Kleanzer. We appreciate you!" R.R., IL


"The minty-cool gel doesn't tighten your skin like astringent or dry out your skin like soap. It just turns into an amazingly fresh foam that lathers you into feeling like you'll never have a zit again." Jenne, BUST Magazine Winter 2002


"I have to tell you that I'm extremely impressed with your tangerine vanilla and emergency power astringent.They smell great and work so well at balancing my complexion. I've had skin problems my whole life and I've tried all sorts of products but yours really is fantastic! I purchased ZERO ZITZ at Health Concern in Towson, Md. Thank you!!!!!!"


"Today I rec'd you ZERO ZITZ and WART WONDER products. With the very first application of the ZERO ZITZ I saw results. AMAZING!!! I am 32 years old and never had acne has a teenager. Every product the Dermatologist has given me has failed, usallly making matters worse. I want get rid of this dry, red bumpy skin and think I've found the answer. The wart wonder will truly be a blessing if it can slove my flat wart problem. I have hundreds on my legs. Again EVERY thing the Dermatologist tried FAILED. I've used just about every cream on the market and had them frozen. I will be in contact to let you know my end results. Not even 24 hours into the treatment and so far so good, it can only get better." M.S., IL


"I'm 32 and have been suffering from acne for about 10 years. I've tried everything. On a whim, I decided to try ZERO ZITZ Emergency Power. Wow! Within a week my skin is almost blemish-free, and even some of the little bumps (I call them pre-zits) are disappearing. This stuff is amazing. I'm going to try your cleanser next. Thanks so much." Mr. J.


"I was skeptical...we've done every routine with the dermatoligist, every drug, every cream, every cleaning application available...nothing worked. I could see the frustration on my son's face when his forehead and checks never cleared...they were constantly red and broken out. Prescription medicine made his skin peel and dry out...it didn't stop the breakouts...I think they were worse. Four days ago, I gave Scott the bottle of ZERO ZITZ! He said it made him "smell like a salad...it smells like vinegar Mom!!" He has religiously used it twice a day and his face has never looked better. He has had no new breakout and his forehead and cheeks are clearing. He's in a panic because the little sample bottle is running out and he told me to make sure I 'GET SOME NOW!!' Linda, thank you so very much!!!! You are a true GODDESS!!!" L.H., VA


"Have been using ZERO ZITZ for 6 months to great effect. Looking forward to trying out your other products. Thanks for being one of the few natural products out there that actually live up to their claims!" M.D.


“Wow! I bought something called "ZERO ZITZ" with a tangerine vanilla scent and every time I used it, I wanted to drink a little. It's an all herbal facial toner including Calendula, Hibiscus, Hypericum, and Comfrey. (All excellent herbs for treating acne) This is a WONDERFUL product and it keeps my skin free of dead skin while it diminishes my acne and scars! The bottle was only $8.35 and lasted about 5 weeks with regular usage." triedntrue.com/tt/reviews/reviews.cfm


“My 20 year old daughter remarked that I now have a natural glow to my skin; I used to have ruddy looking skin. Send a trial size for her? Your products are marvelous. My 15 year old depends on THERAPY OIL for her calves and thighs after she runs. If you ever stop making this stuff we'd be in so much trouble. There is just just nothing out there like ZERO ZITZ and I had tried everything from Noxema to the dermatologist. There is simply nothing like it. From the first the first time I put ZERO ZITZ on my face I knew it was working. This is it! It just feels good on your face and you can just feel it working. My skin is smooth, soft, I have now no blackheads, no whiteheads and my pores are smaller. Actually, I use very little makeup now. It used to take an hour to put on make up to cover all my spots. Now I don't wear base make up at all. My daugher was so expressed amazement recently when I revealed that I was no longer wear makeup yet she could see no more blemishes! WOW. For her to say that, I almost fell over. I feel so much better about going out in public. No longer do I need blend into the crowd. We're glad we found you!! " T.E., IN


"ZERO ZITZ® is my favorite; it's a blend of water, vinegar, Calendula, Lavender, Witch hazel, Echinacea, Hypericum, Hibiscus, Plantain, Comfrey and pure essential oils. I squeeze some onto a cotton ball and wipe the pimple-prone areas of my face a few times a day, especially when it's hot and after exercise. My son Zach has started using it too; it cleans and dries up zits and tightens pores without being harsh on the skin.”


“About 8 months ago I placed an order through a food co-op and entered one item number wrong. What I got was your ZERO ZITZ I'd been having trouble with menopausal acne and was using two prescription creams - one a steroid - so I decided to try ZERO ZITZ. Within a week I'd stopped using the prescriptions! This stuff is great!! I use the Emergency Strength once in a while, but the regular strength does a wonderful job. Now I'm going to try the Therapy Oil for my knees. Keep up the good work!" C.K., AR


"I cannot thank you enough for the ZERO ZITZ products. I bought a bottle at my local health food store in town and within two days, the dreadful rash of zitz on his face was a memory. I know that he will have a time of it if my experience with adolescent skin problems is anything to go by and I am so glad that we have the ammunition to deal with it. I also appreciate the natural ingredients and how the combination works so naturally on the skin." Sincerely, J.T., IA


"My son had a bad outbreak of pimples that wasn't cured by anything on the market. I picked up ZERO ZITZ on a whim. In three days his face was completely cleared. I also gave a sample to a friend who had a daughter in a theatre production who was embarrassed by her complexion. In a week's time her skin was cleared as well, and she felt more comfortable on stage. What is so amazing about this product is that it works on the inner and outer layer of the skin. This product allows the skin the cleanse itself of oils and toxins which cause outbreaks. There are no other skin products on the market that work this effectively." J.T., IA.


"I found out about ZERO ZITZ this summer from my mom who found out about it at this little store in Huntington Beach called Mother's Market. OHMIGOD, I have NEVER been so satisfied with my skin!!! My skin is so clear now that for the first time in about 4 years, I can say I am satisfied with it. I just wanted to say thank you for creating a product that has been like a miracle for me. Thank you and Rock on!!!" Q.D., CA


"My ROSACEA flares up in the heat. It is really bumpy and has started to change the shape of my nose, like it did to WC Fields. I don't believe in cover-ups. Neem cream made it worse, maybe because creams ecasperate the problem. Your nourishing ZERO ZITZ! dramatically reduced my rosacea in just 2 days! It is 90% gone! Using it 3 times daily.seems to be the magic. My face is not red and all and since I am a health care provider, I need to look healthy as much as I want to! It is wonderful! I am very happy with ZERO ZITZ!" Barbara S., Gainesville, FL


"A friend I was visiting uses your ZERO ZITZ products. I couldn't believe how clear her skin is! I thought I could get it at my local health food stores, but no one carries them. I'd just like to purchase some for myself, I don't care about paying shipping - it's worth the cost!" M.M., Richardson, TX


"I have such sensitive skin so I am thrilled to have found ZERO ZITZ Original Formula! Why didn't I find it sooner? I should have bought more when I was at Harnett's up in Boston. I need to stock up for when I go to school in Ireland next month. I love it. I just love it!" T.R., Long Island, NY


"I use your product "ZERO ZITZ!" and love it. It really helps and I know that it is not loaded with crap that will just make me break out more. I am looking to see if there is any place around where i live in California that I can buy some more of it.." Shanda, CA


"ZERO ZITZ is Wonderful." Amanda, MI


G-D Bless You! in the name of the most high for you have saved my life. After all of these years and thousands of dollars spent I have finally found a product that actually works. (ZERO ZITZ/Emergency Power) I can finally go out into public and feel normal. Thank you...thank you so much! " K.F-V, Encino, CA


"My 16 year old has not had such looking skin since he was 12"! J.B., Nevada, MO


"I want to tell you how much I enjoy using your product. It is truly a miracle!" S.S., CA


"I just bought Well-in-Hand Herbal ZERO ZITZ Original Formula and could not be more pleased by the results. Within a few days I noticed a big difference and within a few weeks my complexion cleared up for the first time in many years. I no longer worry about what complexion disasters may strike, my skin feels nice and smooth and I hardly wear any make-up at all any more! ZERO ZITZ is truly a miracle product and I will remain a loyal customer and will continue to recommend it to all my friends. I love how gentle it is, and I feel great about using an all natural astringent. Thank you for designing such a wonderful product!" Sincerely, D.B.


"I really like your products. They smell good and work 'as advertised.' Most importantly they are clean and environmentally conscious and sustainable. It's always a pleasure talking with you. I wish you continued success in bringing wonderful, green 'personal therapy' products to the world." D.M.

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