Announcing the Wellinhand Center

Posted October 31 2011


Growing Herbal Business Purchases Commercial Space in Forest for New “Center for Healing Arts”

Forest, VA – Acne, warts, pain, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, dry skin, cold sores and head lice are frustrating conditions experienced by millions of Americans every day. A Forest, VA herbalist is providing natural comfort and confidence for people facing these common health problems.

Linda Doby’s company, Wellinhand Action Remedies®, is carving a niche in the growing $32 billion natural product industry by offering herbal alternatives that address “common and confidential” conditions.  The company was born in 1994 when Wellinhand® Therapy Oil was judged “Outstanding” by master herbalists and awarded Grand Prize at the 2nd International Herb Symposium. Recent endorsements of Wellinhand® products in leading national magazines including Teen and YM have reached millions of consumers and are boosting the company out of Doby’s basement and into the national arena with big personal care companies.

Wellinhand®’s Zero Zitz!® was recently featured by the editors of Teen side-by-side with products from enormous corporations such as Stridex. So how did a small business in a Forest-area basement end up going zit-to-zit with the giants of the industry?  “Many years of grass-roots marketing and herbal research is paying off,” notes Doby. “Our products are appealing to the growing number of people concerned about the impact of applying synthetic chemicals to their bodies,” says Doby. “They are seeking safe, natural alternatives that are effective and affordable,” she adds.

Rising Interest in Wellinhand Leads to “Well-in-Hand Center" 

“We are pleased to announce the purchase of a spacious commercial property in Forest, Virginia for our growing business,” says Doby. In addition to Wellinhand Action Remedies®, the new Wellinhand® Center at 5164 Waterlick Road will host natural practitioners, legal offices, and small business networking groups.  “We are seeking other healthy enterprises to occupy the commercial space with us,” notes Doby.  “Potential tenants have been touring the facility,” she adds.  A Grand Opening celebration will be held in November.

Wellinhand®, which is moving from the basement of Doby’s home to the 12,300 square foot building on more than an acre, has seven employees. “It is amazing what we have accomplished from the basement of my home,” she says, “The Wellinhand® Center will greatly improve our efficiency and integrate us with the local community.” Doby, a former teacher, provides work study and marketing coop programs with locals schools for teens to learn business skills and receive school credit. “The new space will allow us to expand this program,” Doby says.

Humble Beginnings For Wellinhand Family Business 

It all began when Doby had a bad case of tendinitis and utilized her herbal hobby to find a surprisingly effective solution.  “When I experienced the pain relief, I was so thrilled I decided to make formulas to help other people,” says Doby.  She began formulating products to address health issues that affected her family and friends.  After gaining accolades from those trying her formulas, she introduced products at trade shows and herb symposiums in the early 1990s.  Doby still creates and blends each of the formulas and all manufacturing and packaging is done in-house.

Prior to the recent magazine publicity, Wellinhand®’s customer list grew steadily by word-of-mouth, a strong presence at trade shows, free samples and tireless relationship building with retailers and distributors. Wellinhand® products are now available in more than 1000 stores. “Unlike the huge companies we compete with, we don’t have a big advertising budget, so we have to be creative and energetic,” she notes. “Running a small business, you have to be a jack-of-all-trades doing research & development, production, sales, marketing, design and accounting - it can be nuts,” Doby explains.  “Fortunately, my four kids ranging 11-20 in age have assumed roles in the business,” adds Doby. “Since I homeschool the kids, they have gotten a bonus education in small business dynamics and the nature of healing,” she says. “I’m fortunate to teach and work with my kids; we are a true family business.”

Helping People is Natural for Linda Doby of Wellinhand

If its so crazy running a small business, why does Doby do it – and why do her products address gross things that people would rather not talk about? “There’s nothing like getting a letter from a customer about how you changed their life by helping them with a serious, painful and embarrassing problem,” explains Doby.  “My work has really helped people all over the country recover and feel better about themselves, and that motivates me,” she adds. Doby enjoys the process of creating and introducing new products. It appears she is good at it, too - product names such as Zero Zitz!®, Wart Wonder and New Mama® Tush Soothing Bath are grabbing the attention of retailers and consumers.

Wellinhand®’s products are handcrafted in small batches with organic ingredients, pure essential oils and natural herbs.  All of the products are certified as vegan, cruelty-free and offer a satisfaction guarantee.  “We have never had anything sent back to us, and customers like the fact that we never test on animals and our products don’t contain animal products or nasty chemicals,” Doby explains.

The growing line of Wellinhand® products includes Zero Zitz!®, Wart Wonder™, Moisture Rescue Sea Scrubs™, Pain Rescue®, Wellinhand® Therapy Oil™, Cut Rescue™, Nit Kit™, Herpa Rescue™, Yeast Rescue®, Power Prism™ Crystal Deodorants, Sleep Rescue® and New Mama® Tush Soothing Bath. 

Consumers and retailers alike can also order directly from Wellinhand Action Remedies® online at or by phone at (434) 534-6050.