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About Wellinhand

Wellinhand® Action Remedies® proudly creates topically applied herbal answers for common and confidential conditions. Our certified vegan and cruelty-free products set the standard for purity, freshness, and effectiveness. 


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 Rely on Our Relief!

Wellinhand is 25 years old!

Founded in 1994 by Linda Doby, our first ever formula, THERAPY OIL(tm)  was awarded Grand Prize at the International Herb Symposium! We've sold this amazing formula everyday since!  Thank you for your support!


Our Founder

Linda Doby founded Wellinhand Action Remedies® in 1994 after using her herbal wisdom to find a cure for her own painful tendinitis. The all-natural, topically applied herbal and aromatherapy formula she created is the amazingly versatile and award-winning product that we know today as Therapy Oil. Linda went on to develop our entire range of topically applied herbal remedies, and now as our Director and Product Formulator she continues to formulate and hand-blend each and every one of our products to ensure quality and freshness. 

She earned her Master's degree in Deaf Education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and worked as a special education teacher before turning to the natural products industry. As a passionate autodidact who believes in the value of self-education, Linda is driven by her deep passion for learning and healing. She acquired her vast knowledge of herbs and natural healing from books, herbal masters, and natural healing experts throughout the country and the world. 

Linda and her husband homeschooled all of their four children and raised them on a vegan diet. As a devout vegetarian since 1977, Linda's commitment to animal rights naturally extends to Wellinhand®, where she has never involved animals in the production or testing of her formulas. In addition to running Wellinhand®, Linda co-founded the Green Products Alliance, a network of natural personal care product companies dedicated to socially responsible business practices. 

Wellinhand® was born when Linda Doby, our Founder and Director, used her passion for herbal healing to develop a natural cure for her own tendinitis. Thrilled at her remarkable pain relief, Linda named the product Therapy Oil™ and began sharing it with the general public through friends and local markets. The pivotal moment came in 1994 when Therapy Oil™ was judged “Outstanding” by master herbalists and awarded Grand Prize at the second International Herb Symposium.

Propelled by enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations following this auspicious award, Linda went on to develop our range of naturally effective solutions for common health issues. In response to growing demand for natural health and body care products, in 2002 we moved into our 13,000 sq. ft. Wellinhand® Center, a dedicated facility where we create, blend, and package our products for distributors, retailers, and individuals alike. 

Today we continue to be driven by the same passion for natural relief. We develop each of our formulas with our customers' needs in mind and we are fueled by their glowing reviews of our products. Because we know that our products appeal to the growing number of people concerned about applying synthetic chemicals to their bodies, we only use the freshest, purest ingredients in our formulas. We've stayed true to our local roots, too - that's why we never send our products elsewhere to be manufactured. Since the very beginning, Linda has blended every drop of our unique formulas by hand to ensure potency and effectiveness. In keeping with our commitment to animal rights, our products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Critters play no role in our research, production, or testing of Wellinhand® products. They sure do a lot for morale, though! 

Whether for a common ailment, a confidential condition, or just for some everyday pampering, why not have a look around our website and try our award-winning products for yourself? We guarantee that you'll be satisfied. That's why we say that Relief is Wellinhand®.

To read reviews of our products, see the individual product pages or click here for general company reviews.


Our Philosophy

  • We believe that herbs give and drugs take. We use our herbal expertise to develop safe, pure, and truly natural remedies, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. That’s why all of our products are 100% natural, pure, and of the highest quality. We carefully blend our formulas by hand in small batches to ensure freshness.
  • We believe that no one should suffer for our products. All of our products are cruelty-free and certified vegan. Animals play no part in the research and production of our products.
  • We believe in social and environmental sustainability. Our ingredients are harvested responsibly and we develop, produce, and package our product right on site using reclaimed and recycled packing materials. Our green commitment extends to our break room, too, where we compost all of our food waste.
  • We believe that our customers drive our company. We develop each formula to suit the needs of our family and the demands of our beloved customers. Read through some of the reviews on our product pages to see how many people

    Real Herbs.

    Real Results.

    Real Fast.


      "I worked for Linda for several years as an outside marketing consultant, yet despite being in a remote office in another state she made me feel like part of the Wellinhand team and her family. On the professional side of things she is incredibly knowledgeable about all things herbal, and from a relationship perspective she is a very positive and fun person to work with. Effective herbal products made by a nice woman who truly cares about people - good stuff! I highly recommend Linda Doby and Wellinhand."

     "Linda's topical products are the best! I have used her Therapy Oil for everything with wonderful results. Her Cut Rescue is a Godsend for both pets and kids. Check Wellinhand first for topical remedies...all natural and no crazy side effects. I travel with her products every time. I wouldn't be caught without them."

     "If you have an ache or pain, chronic or acute, rash, etc. - you should check out the Wellinhand products! I have been using them over the past 7-8 years and have been thrilled. Specifically, I have used pain rescue warm for my back and elbow. I have a handicapped brother and my back has suffered from lifting him over the years. I also play golf and racquetball.

    Pain rescue has absolutely come to my rescue for these two areas. I also suffered from what I found at after 6 months was plantar fasciitis in my foot. After pain for all that time, I went to the doctor, he diagnosed it and told me to stretch it twice a day and ice it 3 times a day for 15-30 minutes. Well that was unrealistic for my schedule. I religiously massaged the pain rescue on my foot twice a day and after 3 weeks, it had healed!

    Her Sleep Rescue, has also helped me! When I am geared up and stressed, I massage a little on my temples/forehead and just above my lip and treat myself to a good night sleep. It is also helpful for teeth grinding if you apply it to your jawline before sleep!

    She has lots of great products, Don't miss out; try them!!"