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Can I order Wellinhand products from your website?
Are Wellinhand products certified vegan?
Do your products contain parabens or artificial additives?
Is it safe to order from your website?
Can I order offline?
What is your shipping policy?
What is your returns policy?
Can I buy your products locally?
Can I speak to a real person when I have questions or comments?
Can I find Wellinhand on Facebook?
Can I arrange a recurring order so that I automatically receive my favorite Wellinhand products?
I found that your products cost less at our local store. If you are the manufacturer, why are your prices higher than in our corner store?
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Nit Kit™
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Wart Wonder™
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General Information

Can I order Wellinhand® products from your website?
Absolutely! All of our products are available right here on our website for your convenience.

Are Wellinhand® products certified vegan?
Animals play no role in the research, production, or testing of any of our products. All Wellinhand® products are certified vegan by Vegan Action and have been awarded the Leaping Bunny seal so you can be sure they are cruelty-free.

Do your products contain parabens or artificial additives?
No. All Wellinhand products are 100% pure and natural. We never use parabens or other artificial preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or any other chemical ingredients. All of our ingredients are plant-based and of the highest quality so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

Is it safe to order from your website?
You can shop with confidence on Wellinhand.com. This website is powered by Shopify, one of the most trusted ecommerce portals. Shopify stores include industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption to protect private data. All customer information and order data is securely hidden away from prying eyes. Our payments are processed by PayPal, one of the largest and most trusted online payment processors. All emails and newsletters from this site allow you to opt out of further mailings immediately.

I don’t like to use my credit card online. How else can I order?
Call us at (434) 534-6050 and speak to one of our friendly staff, or download an order form. Scan and email to info@wellinhand or mail with a check or money order to PO Box 1200, Forest, VA 24551. 

What is your shipping policy?
We aim to ship 99% of orders within 24 hours, weekends notwithstanding. Shipping rates will be calculated in the shopping cart based on the weight of your order. We offer everyday FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. destinations for orders over $100 (to most destinations) ! For orders weighing up to one pound, shipping is $8.00. For orders weighing more than one pound, shipping is $10.00. International shipping rates will be calculated in your shopping cart based on your specific country. Read more information about shipping rates and carriers on our Delivery & Returns page.

What is your returns policy?
We guarantee satisfaction with all Wellinhand® products. If you are not satisfied with one of our products, you may return it for a refund. For orders placed through our website, return the product to us with your receipt and a note explaining the reason you are returning the product. For products purchased elsewhere, return the bottle to the place of purchase with your receipt. Before returning a product, please be sure to read our Delivery & Returns page.

Where can I buy your products locally?
We sell our products to distributors who sell to stores all over the USA and the world. These distributors do not inform us as to which stores carry which products. To find out where you can buy our products in your area, call your local natural food store and ask if they have what you need. Remember you can always buy directly from our website - we are the manufacturers and have your favorite Wellinhand® products for sure!

Can I speak to a real person whenever I have questions or comments about your products?
We are eager to chat with you when you call! You can contact us at (434) 534-6050 and the best time to call us is between 8:00am and 8:00pm ET. If you hear our voice mail greeting, assume we are in the herb garden or helping another customer. Please leave a message with your name, phone number, and the reason you called and we promise to return your call promptly.

I found your products cost less at our local store. If you are the manufacturer, why are your prices higher than in our corner store or on other websites?
We create, design, and manufacturer the Wellinhand line of products so we determine the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Ethically we are bound to sell at the suggested retail price. We would never undercut our stores. That would not be nice. Websites, stores, and distribution warehouses use the MSRP as a pricing guide only and sell products at the price that pleases them and their customers. If you find a reliable source who sells Wellinhand products for less than the MSRP, you know you have found someone to support! Please feel good about supporting stores who carry our line. They are also our customers and they support us. However, there are benefits to ordering directly from us: because we are the formulators and have in-depth knowledge of our products, we are available to answer any questions before you buy. We also generally offer a sample or two and free literature with your order. Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter for information, new product alerts, and periodic product discounts.

Can I find Wellinhand® on Facebook?
Yes - follow us on Facebook to enjoy exclusive discounts!

I rely on your products! Can I arrange a recurring order so that I automatically receive my favorite Wellinhand® products?
We know you have enough to think about without having to remember that you're running low on your must-have Wellinhand products. We offer an auto-reorder service that will automatically ship your favorite Wellinhand® products to you every 8 or 12 weeks. Your credit card will be billed when your order ships. This service is offered at no additional fee, and you can cancel or change your order at any time. To find out how to participate, please contact us for details. 

Have a question not listed here?
Click here to contact us.

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My Body Wash Foamer™ tends to separate after a while. Is this normal? 
Yes. This is due to completely natural separation of the soap and essential oils. All you have to do is give it a shake now and then if you think the formula has separated.

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Is Bug-A-Boo!™ good for mosquitoes?
Definitely! We have used Bug-A-Boo!™ to chase away all sorts of insects including gnats, flies, and mosquitoes.

I'm going on vacation soon and I don't want to travel without Bug-A-Boo!™ Do you make a travel sized version? 
We offer Bug-A-Boo!™ in the regular 6 fl oz/177 ml bottle as well as a travel-sized 2 fl oz/60 ml bottle that complies with current TSA regulations regarding liquid containers in carry-on baggage.

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How do you activate the Cootie Bomb™?
Cootie Bombs™ are activated by the chill of your refrigerator. To use the Cootie Bomb™, pop off the top, remove the inner cap, and pop the top back on. Then simply place in your refrigerator!

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How does Cut Rescue™ work?
Cut Rescue™ is a special blend of powered herbs that when sprinkled onto minor bleeding, will coagulate with your own blood to form a scab which becomes a protective covering.

Does Cut Rescue™ prevent scarring?
In nearly two decades of using Cut Rescue™ on minor bleeding from our family's cooking, shaving, hiking, and working accidents, we have never seen a scar!

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Do I have to buy the entire FungiFree™ Nail Rescue kit if I only need one or two components?
The full FungiFree kit is the most economical, but we do sell each of the four steps separately for your convenience.

If I only buy one component of the kit, which should it be?
We recommend the FungiFree Penetrating Spray. However, for best results use in conjunction with the other components.

I only have one fungal nail. Should I treat the others, too?
Even if only one nail is currently affected, it is a good idea to treat the others to prevent the spread of the fungus.

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What's the longest your customers have gone without an outbreak while using Herpa Rescue™?
Our customers have reported going as long as five years without an outbreak while using Herpa Rescue™!

I never want to be without Herpa Rescue™ so I bought an economy-sized bottle. How long will it stay fresh?
Our products have a shelf life of approximately three years.

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Can I use New Mama while pregnant?
Sure. Many women report that it helps soothe and relax delicate tissue and the entire pelvic area.

My doctor says not to bathe after the baby is born.
In our experience there has not been a problem associated with sitz or full baths using New Mama. This formula is replete with herbs that have traditionally been renowned for their antibiotic properties. The beneficial herbs in New Mama were chosen because according to folklore, they help stop bleeding, help dry, warm, take down the swelling in the labia and help to renew and restore delicate tissue.

Would New Mama be useful for urinary tract infections?
Many of our customers say that New Mama helps in this situation, regardless of whether they have recently had a baby.

Is New Mama good for hemorrhoids?
Our customers swear that New Mama baths in combination with application of Wellinhand Therapy Oil does stunning wonders in this department.

How many baths can I take with one container of New Mama?
Approximately seven. Use approximately 1/2 cup of New Mama per bath.

Do I need New Mama Tush Soothing Mist if I have New Mama bath? 
The herbs and salts in New Mama Tush Soothing Bath are traditionally used for deep healing of the muscles and nerves in the entire pelvis area after birth, whereas New Mama Tush Soothing Mist is designed to refresh and cool the perineum after bathing, urination, and intimacy. It's also an excellent anytime refresher on a hot, busy day.

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Will Nit Kit™ dry out my child's hair?
Nit Kit™ is more like a hair treatment - it leaves hair shiny and full of body.

How does Nit Kit™ work?
Nit Kit™ scares lice, not people! This special blend of vegetable and essential oils weakens lice as they hobble away from our children's heads and into the shower cap. What a fine alternative to applying conventional pesticide treatments to our children's heads!

Do you offer discounts to schools that order by the case?
Yes. Schools are encouraged to contact us for information on discounts for larger orders. 

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What is the difference between Pain Rescue® and Therapy Oil?
Pain Rescue® is Therapy Oil with additional essential oils that are known for targeting pain. Although Therapy Oil can be used for pain, it is more of a gentle, all-purpose formula designed for bumps and bruises, skin irritations, rashes, dryness, and itching. Pain Rescue® has the advantage of being designed specifically formulated to treat tough pain.

What is the difference between Pain Rescue® Cool and Pain Rescue® Warm?
Pain Rescue® Cool has a cooling sensation on the skin for acute injuries, and Pain Rescue® Warm has a warming sensation for chronic pain.

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Do you use Dead Sea Salts in Sea Baths™?
Because of ecological concerns around sustainability and the disappearing of the Dead Sea, we never use Dead Sea Salts in any of our products.

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Is Sleep Rescue® addictive?
Hardly. Our herbal and aromatherapy formula is naturally effective and completely drug-free.

How do I take Sleep Rescue?
Sleep Rescue® is the world's first topically applied sleep aid. Put it ON you, not IN you! Simply rub our calming oil on your face, neck, temples before bed. Inhale the relaxing aroma and feel yourself drift off to sleep.

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Is Therapy Oil™ greasy?
Therapy Oil™'s unique formula is designed to be non greasy and non-staining. Rub it in and it disappears instantly, deep into joints and soft tissue.

Does Therapy Oil™ smell like medicine?
Not remotely! What you will smell is a soothing aroma that doesn't smell of menthol or perfumes.

Can I use Therapy Oil™ on my face?
Absolutely! Therapy Oil™ is ideal for facials to relieve tension, reduce the appearance of wrinkles while soothing you so that you can sleep.

We use Therapy Oil™ for everything. What is the most unique use you have heard for Therapy Oil™?
Gosh! Where to begin? People use Therapy Oil™ for pain, inflammation, dryness, itching on themselves and their animals. Read the product reviews for a sampling of their testimonials.

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How does Wart Wonder™ work?
Wart Wonder™ is designed to kill the virus that causes warts, and to break down the cell wall without irritating the surrounding skin. Where possible, we recommend applying Wart Wonder™ to a Band-aid and covering the wart three times daily for all but four hours per day. Consistency counts! If your skin is very sensitive, we suggest that you listen to your reactions and apply Wart Wonder™ accordingly. If you experience redness, apply less often and or dilute the formula by up to half with water or vegetable glycerine.

I have tried everything including cutting, freezing and noxious chemicals but the warts grew back. Now I have warts and ugly scars. How will Wart Wonder™ be different?
Conventional methods of treatment do not address the fact that warts are caused by a virus. Wart Wonder™ kills the virus and eliminates warts for good. No resulting scarring is a fabulous benefit!

Can Wart Wonder™ be used in awkward places such as earlobes, face, and nostrils?
We have numerous reports of success using Wart Wonder™ in inconvenient places such as eyelids, earlobes, and nostrils. For places where using a bandage would be inconvenient, soak a cotton swab or pad and hold it to the wart for several minutes. Of course, be careful not to let swabs go too deeply. Do this at least three times daily. Expect results within several weeks according to how consistent you are and how established the roots are. Remember, Wart Wonder™ is not an overnight process - the herbs need time to eliminate the Verucca virus that causes warts, but once the wart is gone our customers have never reported a regrowth.

How long does Wart Wonder™ take to work?
Everyone experiences different results, and how long it takes for your warts to go away depends on several factors.  Time is only one of those factors.  Here are some of the factors which determine wart removal:


  • How old is your wart?
  • How many warts are there?
  • How much Wart Wonder are you applying?
  • How often do you apply Wart Wonder?
  • How long do you keep the wart wet with the formula?
  • Where is the wart located?
  • What is your own general rate of healing?
  • How much of the formula have you used so far?

We could have designed Wart Wonder to work over night, but that would have created a painful, ugly eschar (hole/scar).  Rather we created the formula to work with your own tissue painlessly. As the wart dies, your own healthy tissue fills in behind it. This is why there is no scar after the process is complete. In your situation, the wart(s) might require more than 2 fl. oz. (60mL) to complete the process. With consistent use some customers report complete elimination of warts within 2.5 weeks; most report desired results within 4-6 weeks. It often takes more than one 2 fl oz bottle to get rid of warts. Results vary according to the age and length of the root, whether Band-aids were used, consistency of use and healing rate of the individual.

Most of the work occurs under the skin first. When no changes are visible, there is still activity occurring under the skin where the root grows. Visible changes include color, size, and texture. The wart can become white, black, red, and even black polka dotted!  The dots are the tips of the capillaries that actually feed your wart. The wart could enlarge or decrease in size as it fights the formula. And the ward could cauliflower out or become smooth and shiny. Interestingly, each wart on each person acts in its own way.  Some years ago, a fellow we served, had 200 warts all up and down his right side with none on his left. Some of those 200 left within a couple weeks, others took 10 months.  Each looked different as they died. The process was fascinating. We tend to think that they would all go away at the same time in the same manner. His persistence paid off. He's been wart-free for 11 years now.  

Is Wart Wonder™ safe for use on children? 
Of course. Linda Doby developed Wart Wonder™ for her own 5-year-old son in 1996, and the warts never came back.

How about a gel for warts?
How handy a gel would be. Instead, however, we elect to make 100% of the ingredients active. Gels would call for ingredients that do not address the veruccae.

Why do I need to apply Wart Wonder™ to a Band-aid?
The use of Band-aids is all about keeping the Wart Wonder™ formula in contact with the wart. There is no need for the band-aid to be air tight, and if a bandage is inconvenient or impossible to use, douse a cotton ball or cotton bud and hold on the wart several times per day.

I am treating my wart and have recently seen black spots appear in the wart. What are they?
Generally these spots are the tips of the capillaries that feed the wart. They will tend to appear in one or more places as the wart virus struggles against Wart Wonder™.

Can I use Wart Wonder™ on my face? How close to the eyes can I apply it?
Many people successfully use Wart Wonder™ on their face. Band-aids cannot be used on your face, so let the formula soak into your wart(s) and then apply frequently. If you experience any irritation, stop applying the formula for one or more days and then get back to the regimen. 

Does Wart Wonder™ work for genital warts?
We have received numerous positive reports on the use of Wart Wonder™ Delicate Places for genital warts. Women dilute the formula with water and apply with a cotton balls and tampon. Men often will wear a small sock dampened with Wart Wonder™. Watch for signs of irritation and apply accordingly.

The smell is interesting and I am waiting for someone to ask me what my new perfume is.
The smell is interesting! Some like it a lot, some don't care for it at all. You are detecting the antiseptic lemon and anti-viral creosote leaf scent.


Does Wart Wonder™ sting?
Most people say Wart Wonder™ feels like water going on. Others say that they can feel the tingle. It may depend on your skin type and whether you are applying it to delicate areas.

Can I use it on my eyelids?
So long as you keep Wart Wonder™ out of your eyes, go ahead. If you experience irritation on delicate skin, discontinue use or dilute formula with water or vegetable glycerine and then apply three times a day, leaving the wart uncovered.


I use Wart Wonder™ on my athlete's foot. Do others also rid of it with Wart Wonder™?
Yes, we have received many reports from grateful customers saying that they successfully used Wart Wonder™ to eliminate the peeling, itching, burning and redness associate with athlete's foot.



Does Wart Wonder™ work on Plantar Warts?
Herbalist Linda Doby actually created the formula for her own 5-year-old son's Plantar Warts that had hurt him so badly he could hardly walk on them. The warts never came back!


Does Wart Wonder™ work on flat warts?
Our customers report happy results on flat viral warts. One of our favorite testimonials regarding flat warts was from a frustrated actor whose beard area was covered with dozens of flat warts. Shaving was actually spreading the virus! After using Wart Wonder™, he reported that his facial warts were gone in only one week and that he was finally free to be himself again.


What causes warts?
Warts are caused by the verruca virus and are highly contagious.


How can I prevent getting warts?
Do not touch other people's warts. Do not scratch or shave your own warts. Wear only your own shoes and socks. Wear sandals at public pools and locker rooms.

Please have Linda Doby email me... I used original Wart Wonder in the tincture top bottle years ago on plantar and other warts with success, but am now using the WW in the spray bottle for 8 months without getting rid of the wart by my fingernail. I wanted to know which Wart Wonder formula for sale today is the equivalent of the one you sold in the tincture top bottle 7 years ago.  The color is lighter in the spray bottle. Thanks. 
Thanks for your note. Warts do seem to have their own personalities. They change and go away in their own style and in their own time.  This story might be pertinent to your situation: I'll always remember a certain customer with a dreadful wart problem who, about 11 years ago, called me every single weekday for 10 months with updates on his 200 warts, located all up and down the right side of his body (none on his left!). Some warts were gone within the first week. Others took ten months. Some of his warts got small, flat, and shiny before removal, while others got larger and cauliflower shaped before they disappeared. Some turned white, some turned red, some polka-dotted - those were capillary tips that fed the wart(s).  

I know you are eager to be done with warts. I could make the formula work overnight, but that would be extremely painful and leave and eschar (hole) in your skin. WART WONDER is smarter than that. It addresses the virus that causes your wart and it allows your own healthy tissue to fill in behind the shriveling-away wart. T
his means that your rate of healing is part of the timeline. Consequently, you suffer no pain, no scarring, and soon, no warts!

To help speed up the process, use WART WONDER liberally and frequently. So long as you have no irritation, you are free to apply the formula 5-6 or more times a day as you wish.  This might seem like a lot, but some warts need to know who's boss. With regard to using Band-aids, we recommend covering your wart in order to keep the WART WONDER-soaked warts wet longer. This is not required, however. Now and again, the adhesive and the formula negatively interact, causing irritation.  In this event, just skip the Band-aid, let the area properly rest and then apply WART WONDER more often. By the way, with your WART WONDER you received a small trial vial of our first-ever product, THERAPY OIL. If you experience irritation due to using Band-aids with the formula, then let THERAPY OIL instantly soothe and support the area.

We changed the bottle because the formula would "eat" the dropper bulb. We tried many closures, but the current sprayer is the only one we could use that would stand up to the aggressive formula.

You asked whether the formula has been changed because you see a different color. No. I would be crazy to change the formula. That said, this is a handmade treatment utilizing various harvests of the herbs. Variations in color are to be expected. So you're OK. Please consider the experience of the fellow with 200 warts and continue your use of WART WONDER. His was a long-standing, severe wart problem. By the way, all his warts were gone within a year, it took 7 two-ounce bottles, and they never came back.

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Do I need to rinse off the soap after using?
Yes. Use Yeast Rescue® Soap Soother as you would any normal cleanser - apply to wet skin, lather, and rinse with clean water. Follow with Yeast Rescue Treatment, which should not be rinsed off.

I don't ever want to be without Yeast Rescue®. Does it come in larger sizes?
Yes! Yeast Rescue® is available in a 16 fl oz/473 ml economy sized refill bottle so you can have a steady supply.

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I purchased Zero Zitz® Astringent for my daughter to try. She has been using the products for about 2 weeks and her face is not clearing up at all. She is so upset because your information said that your product works and it is not. What do you suggest?
Thank you for your note. Two weeks is a good little test for a new product and we should be seeing at least a cessation of new blemishes. So let's look at the application of the formula. Please recommend to her that she use a cotton ball/bud and that she should really soak that cotton so that when she applies the formula to her face, she drenches the area. If we are talking about cystic blemishes, those deep, painful disasters under the skin, then advise her to hold the cotton ball to that spot for a prolonged time.
Alternatively, if she is using one of the regular strength Zero Zitz!® formulas, she may want to move up to "Emergency Power" Zero Zitz!®. Either way, soak that cotton ball with a generous amount of the formula and apply all over her face, not just where the blemishes are.
I suggest that she use her Zero Zitz!® 3-4 times daily until she gets her complexion under control at which time she should be ok using it in the morning and evening. Zero Zitz!® Kreamy Kleanzer really does enhance the effectiveness of the astringent as they work as a team. Please consider this pure acne soap to complement her regimen.

How fast does Zero Zitz!® work?
Results vary, of course, yet most people notice dramatic effects within 2 days. If you have a "disaster" growing, holding a cotton ball soaked with Zero Zitz tends to take it down with very fast.


Is Zero Zitz!® oil free?
Zero Zitz!® are vinegar and water based astringents. There is no oil in any of the four Zero Zitz!® formulas! You will see essential oils such as carrot seed, tea tree, lavender, etc., listed among the natural ingredients. Essential oils are not the kind of oils associated with grease. Essential oils are super concentrations of distilled herbs and so are extremely powerful in formulations. Zero Zitz!® makes your skin feel fresh and clean.


What is the difference between the four kinds of Zero Zitz!®?
Generally, the formulas target skin types. Emergency Power is triple concentrated. We almost called it 'Prom Night!'


Will Zero Zitz!® dry out my skin like all the other acne preparations?
No. Zero Zitz!® actually softens your skin. Even Emergency Power Extra Strength which is triple concentrated will not dry out the skin.


I never had acne as a teenager but now I am plagued with pimples. Will Zero Zitz!® work on adult acne?
Zero Zitz!® was originally created for the herbalist's own adult acne, but of course it is also perfect for teenage acne.


Should I rinse off Zero Zitz!®?
Not at all! Let the botanicals continue to nourish your complexion.

Will Zero Zitz!® irritate my super sensitive skin?
Many customers say that Zero Zitz!® is the first product to not irritate their delicate skin. If think you might experience redness, test on a small patch. If irritation occurs, discontinue use or use after diluting formula with water.


How long does a bottle last?
To get your face, shoulders or other areas where blemishes tend to erupt, use Zero Zitz!® more frequently to get your skin under control. For maintenance, apply during your morning and evening regimen. Plan on your first bottle lasting three weeks and subsequent bottles lasting four to five weeks.

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Disclaimer: The products and information herein are based on folklore and are not evaluated by the F.D.A. They are not intended to imply claims, diagnoses, cures, treatments or modification of any condition, nor is this information intended to be a replacement for the wisdom of your qualified health practitioner. We do, however, encourage you to show our products and to discuss your use of our products with your practitioner.