Therapy Oil™


Recommended for the gym, the jungle, the bed, the beach, the kitchen, the kennel, the woods, the weeds, the hotel, and hospice, too! Take us with you to your coach, your trainer, your physical therapist, your esthetician, your caregiver, your midwife, your granny, and your nanny!  Tell us where Wellinhand helps you and yours! The benefits of Therapy Oil™ go on and on.


Product Information

Therapy Oil™ is a soothing, nourishing blend of natural and organic herbs and essential oils for pain, inflammation, skin irritation, and everyday massage. Since 1994, Therapy Oil™ has been acclaimed as a multipurpose oil to relieve pain, swelling, skin irritation, and stiffness. Our non-staining, non-greasy, highly concentrated formula has a soothing herbal aroma and is designed for instant action without that menthol-medicinal smell. Because what we put on our skin matters, our formula is 100% natural and certified vegan.


Our luxurious blend of soothing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic herbs and essential oils make Therapy Oil™ versatile for chronic and acute skin conditions, pain, and stiffness.


Midwives hail Therapy Oil™ for swollen ankles, labor pain, and its beneficial effects in new baby massage. It's also a completely safe and effective balm for diaper rash!


The aromatherapy benefits of essential oils make Therapy Oil™ a very calming blend. To relax at bedtime (or any time of day!), rub Therapy Oil™ into your palms, temples, wrists, and forehead and breathe deeply.


Therapy Oil™ is great for pets, too. You wouldn't put chemical ingredients on your own skin, so why should you use them on your pet? Therapy Oil™ is perfect for hot spots, scrapes, and itching.


Linda Doby, our herbalist and company founder, developed our Therapy Oil™ formula out of sheer desperation when severe tendinitis rendered her left wrist useless. When the pain disappeared after just a few days, Linda knew she was on to something and she began sharing her blend with family and friends. Soon, Therapy Oil™ was judged “Outstanding” and awarded Grand Prize by master herbalists at the 2nd International Herb Symposium. We still use the exact same formula today.


Therapy Oil™ is available in a variety of sizes and bottles.


  • Unbreakable squirt bottle - plastic bottle with a squirt top for easy dispensing 2 fl. oz. (60 mL)
  • Glass bottle - beautiful cobalt blue glass bottle with a screw top 2 fl. oz. (60 mL)
  • Family size unbreakable bottle - perfect for refills and families 16 fl. oz. (473 mL)
  • Bulk bottle - larger size means you'll never run out! 64 fl. oz.1.9 L)
  • Trial Vial - handy as a travel-size container or as a sample size (1/5 dram)


Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness, Wellinhand® Therapy Oil contains powerful, nourishing, organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. Every ingredient is active: Arnica, Calendula, and pure essential oils are carefully blended in a soothing base of St. John’s Wort Flower Oil, and olive oil. Every batch takes nearly a year to complete. Therapy Oil™ contains no fillers or synthetic ingredients - just natural and organic oils, herbal infusions, and the purest essential oils.


Herbs in action, so you stay in action!


Certified vegan and cruelty-free. 100% natural. Free of preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. 


Disclaimer: Have your situation diagnosed by your qualified health care professional. The information herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All Wellinhand products guarantee satisfaction.


How to Use

Apply frequently. Recommended for the gym, the jungle, the bed, the beach, the kitchen, the kennel, the woods, the weeds, the hotel, and hospice, too!  Take us with you to your coach, your trainer, your physical therapist, your esthetician, your caregiver, your midwife, your granny, and your nanny!  Tell us where Wellinhand helps you and yours!


For skin tags, coat the gauze of a Band-aid and cover the skin tag until the Band-aid falls off in the shower. The tag should turn dark in a few days and you should be able to brush it away with your hand.  Do not tug. Repeat as necessary.


    Awards & Press

    • Therapy Oil™ was judged "Outstanding" and awarded GRAND PRIZE at the International Herb Symposium 1994.
    • "The Best!" Endorsed by Michael Tierra, O.M.D., and world-renowned master herbalist and author of The Way of Herbs and Planetary Herbology.
    • Therapy Oil™ was heartily endorsed by elite runner David Horton, record holder Appalachian Trail Run, who used Therapy Oil™ to place third in the 1995 TransAm footrace. A 3,000 mile race in only 64 days. This was the toughest footrace in the world - the equivalent of two marathons per day for over two months at race pace. Quite a test for any product!  He reported that he experience no blisters and having a THERAPY OIL massage daily, he felt little to no muscle aches.  Wow.
    • Therapy Oil™ has been featured in Health Product Business, Vitamin Retailer, Health Supplement Retailer, Dermascope, and Vision Magazines.




    "That Therapy Oil? No wonder you got an international award! It's great!”


    “I just wanted to tell you about a boil on my husband’s back. Just after the first sign of the boil I started rubbing it with the oil - it came to a head in two days and was gone in four!! It always helps to heal them sooner! You sure should be proud of yourself for inventing this ‘magic oil’!” - M.S., NC      


    “Whatever you do in life, don’t stop making Wellinhand Therapy Oil!” - McF. Massage Therapist., VA


    “I added a few drops of Wellinhand Therapy Oil to my bath after a six mile walk, no aches or pain the next day!” - J.L., VA    

    “I have a testimonial for you. It has to do with severely burnt fingers. I was burning a 2-story high pile Tuesday night and I picked up a log that had hot coals on the bottom side. Wellinhand Therapy Oil took the pain away in five minutes!” - W. S., WA


    “I used Wellinhand Therapy Oil for a painful knot on my neck. The pain is gone!” - W.F.H., IL


    “My mother and I have experimented with various herbal remedies for 15 years and nothing worked. Wellinhand Therapy Oil was the first product to show tangible results. I have degenerative nerve disease and, as a result, I have pains in my feet making it difficult to sleep. Every night I rub Therapy Oil into the trouble spots and within 15 minutes the pain is gone and I am fast asleep! Your Zero Zitz is also working tremendously well as a facial moisturizer. Wellinhand has something going!” - C.B., MI


    “I had been operated on for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I still experience stiffness in my hands every morning. Since using Wellinhand Therapy Oil before going to bed, I wake up without any stiffness in my hands.” - S.C., VA


    “I rub a few drops on the back of my neck and the tension melts away.” - C. S.,  FL


    “I don’t know how I would have gotten along with my painful shingles if not for Linda’s Oil!” - M.C., VA    


    “We rub it on everything. Wellinhand Therapy Oil is truly a medicine chest in a bottle! When I give my horse injections Wellinhand reduces the soreness and swelling at the injection site. I carry it everywhere I go. It is as good for horses’ bumps and scrapes as it is for their riders!” - R.P., VA    


    “Your therapy oil is great for a variety of uses, but I found fast relief for one particular problem. Because of my occupation I have to be out in the harsh winter air every day, and the skin on the pad of my thumb had split open from dryness and chafing. The thumb is possibly one of the worst spots in the world to try to get to heal because you use it for everything, and any task I did aggravated the wound. I tried for almost two weeks to get it to heal, and then my husband suggested your therapy oil. Within three days it had healed to the point where I could use it again without pain, and after a week it was completely healed!  Thanks for an effective product!” - C.L., UT