Zero Zitz! Kreamy Kleanzers: Cease-the-Grease, Moisture Marvel, & Unscented


Face the World with Zero Zitz!®

Conventional acne treatments have been associated with depression, irritability, tiredness, and appetite loss. Don’t take the risk! Zero Zitz!® is naturally effective, satisfaction guaranteed. Our two-step solution consists of an all-natural cleanser and astringent spray to combat acne without harsh chemicals or dangerous side effects.


Product Information

Product Information

Step One:

Zero Zitz!® Kreamy Kleanzer is a unique hybrid of an acne cream and a liquid soap that can be used as both a face and body wash - because blemishes can erupt just about anywhere.

Kreamy Kleanzer's sensuous, creamy lather is moisturizing, cleansing, and toning for all-over refreshment. Our 100% natural formula is designed to penetrate excessively oily pores, attack bacteria, and tone and soften skin to prevent breakouts.

Zero Zitz!® Kreamy Kleanzers are available in  16 fl. oz. (473 mL) family size refill bottles in the following varieties:

  • Cease the Grease - with Rosemary for normal to oily skin
  • Moisture Marvel - with Lavender and Myrrh for dry skin
  • Unscented - with Hibiscus for sensitive skin


Step Two:

Zero Zitz!® Astringent Toner is a 100% natural blend of herbal and aromatherapy ingredients to nourish, tone, and soften skin while helping to prevent blemishes. These naturally astringent and antibacterial formulas tighten pores, remove oil, and reduce blackheads. Our convenient spray bottle allows you to dispense as much Zero Zitz!® as you need for your complexion. Ideal for teenage breakouts, cystic acne, rosacea, and blemishes at any age. Never harsh or drying.


Zero Zitz!® Astringent Toners are available in 6 fl. oz./177 mL spray bottles and 16 fl. oz. bottles in the following varieties:

  • Tea Tree - with Witch Hazel, St. John’s Wort and Comfrey for all skin types
  • Emergency Power - with sage, carrot seed and lavender for disaster intervention
  • Original - with Frankincense for oily skin
  • Tangerine Vanilla for combination skin (Returning soon!)

Certified vegan and cruelty-free. 100% natural. Free of preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness.


Disclaimer: Have your situation diagnosed by your qualified health care professional. The information herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician and has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Face the World with Zero Zitz!® Conventional acne treatments have been associated with depression, irritability, tiredness, and appetite loss. Don’t take the risk! Zero Zitz!® is naturally effective, satisfaction guaranteed. Our two-step solution consists of an all-natural, vegan  cleanser and astringent toner spray to combat acne. 

How to Use

How to Use

While in the shower or at the sink, lather a generous amount of Zero Zitz!® Kreamy Kleanzer in your hands or on a bath sponge and thoroughly cleanse face or body. Use morning and evening to remove excess oil and bacteria from your skin.


Follow with Zero Zitz!® Astringent Toner. Spritz generously onto face, neck, and body after cleansing. If acne is severe, apply several times per day until you see results, and then at least twice per day to maintain your clear complexion.


Awards and Press


Awards and Press

Zero Zitz!® has been featured in Energy Times, Teen Magazine, Vitamin Retailer, Herbs for Health, Body & Soul, and Living Without.



Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  "I found out about Zero Zitz this summer from my mom who found out about it at this little store in Huntington Beach called Mother's Market.  OHMIGOD, I have NEVER been so satisfied with my skin!!!  

My skin is so clear now that for the first time in about 4 years, I can say I am satisfied with it.  I just wanted to say thank you for creating a product that has been like a miracle for me.  Thank you and Rock on!!! D., CA

 "I use your product "Zero Zitz!" and love it. It really helps and I know that it is not loaded with crap that will just make me break out more. I am looking to see if there is any place around where i live in California that I can buy some more of it.." Shanda, CA

"Zero Zits is Wonderful." Amanda, MI

"G-D Bless You! in the name of the most high for you have saved my life. After all of these years and thousands of dollars spent I have finally found a product that actually works. (Zero Zits/Emergency Power) I can finally go out into public and feel normal. Thank you...thank you so much! " K.F-V, Encino, CA

"My 16-year-old has not had such looking skin since he was 12"! J.B., Nevada, MO

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy using your product. It is truly a miracle!" S.S., Buena Park, CA

"I just bought Well-in-Hand Herbal Zero Zitz Original Formula and could not be more pleased by the results. Within a few days I noticed a big difference and within a few weeks my complexion cleared up for the first time in many years. I no longer worry about what complexion disasters may strike, my skin feels nice and smooth and I hardly wear any make-up at all any more! ZeroZitz is truly a miracle product and I will remain a loyal customer and will continue to recommend it to all my friends. I love how gentle it is, and I feel great about using an all natural astringent. Thank you for designing such a wonderful product!" Sincerely, DB

"I really like your products. They smell good and work 'as advertised.' Most importantly they are clean and environmentally conscious and sustainable. It's always a pleasure talking with you. I wish you continued success in bringing wonderful, green 'personal therapy' products to the world." D.M

"Recently I was given a bottle of the Tangerine Vanilla Zero Zitz. It's the first acne treatment that has ever worked for me without irritating my skin!! Thank you for your time and for Zero Zitz!" T.A.

"Two days after I run out of Zero Zitz my face breaks out again! I made my mom promise me that I would always have always have a constant supply! The Tangerine-Vanilla is my favorite. Thanks for making the best acne stuff ever!" M.K.

 "My naturopath sells Wellinhand goods and particularly the ZERO ZITZ.  They were told us you are not making it anymore.  But I went on the website I see you have a huge array of products and can see that you are not going away anytime soon.  It's absolutely working for my family.  In my experience, growing up, dealing with acne, we probably tried everything under sun, homeopathic to prescription medicine, just not quite up to taking Acutane.  Nothing seemed to work.  For my children our naturopath told us about ZERO ZITZ.  We didn't expect it to work.  Probably within 2-3 weeks it was just beautiful.  I appreciate you and your making this product.  I thank you for you actually doing this.  Particularly with the ZERO ZITZ product because I am very pleased with the ZERO ZITZ line and I look forward to using the Wart Wonder product on my two year old daughter."

I am ordering Zero Zitz for my daughter today.  She insists on the Tea Tree one.  I do love all your products."

Zero Zitz! has made a big difference to my oily skin over the last few months and I can tell my monthly breakouts are far reduced."

I always use coconut oil to remove makeup, and then I wash with Wellinhand Zero Zitz! It's made a big difference to my oily skin over the last few months and I can tell my monthly breakouts are far reduced."

"I've read a lot on the boards about homemade natural toners made with vinegar, tea tree oil what have you. But I'm lazy and never got around to doing any of that except using diluted tea tree oil on a cotton ball which proved ultimately to be way too harsh on my skin. So in steps Zero Zitz Tea Tree astringent, made by the super granola company Well In Hand. This spray toner/astringent has an impressive list of ingredients including vinegar, lavender and tea tree oil. My skin stays soft, calmed and above all zit free. Although buying a product called "zero zits" is about as appealing as buying laxatives or yeast infection cream, I’ll gladly swallow my pride  and purchase this again because it works really, really well."

Seems to work.  The apple cider vinegar smell is strong at first, but overall the lingering aroma is less than most topical treatments."

This is a great product. It works well and does not dry your skin out like prescription acne medications. I would highly recommend it!"

"Zero Zitz is a great aftershave and improves my rosacea!"


This product is totally worth the cost. When I see my face starting to break out I spray this on for a couple days and it really helps clear it up. I use the regular ZZ spray daily and just use this when I need it. It is definitely stronger but still gentle on your skin."

"This product (Unscented) seems to work better than the regular Kreamy Kleanzer. Great face wash!"

"I have been using this product for about 2 weeks. I have seen some overall improvement in the blemishes on my face. It smells nice - herbal - and does not dry out skin. I think this product is worth trying."

"I did not necessarily want a spray toner using the rub on ritual toner at night. But upon spraying this wonderful product I found the ease of use rewarding. It didn't fall down my face in droplets, but the fine mist stayed put & did its job. Well Done!"

 "This has been a savior in our family of 6 for pimples to boils from adolescent to adult. Because we use so much, it gets pretty pricey. I always look for the company that has the best deal."

"I use this for ingrown hairs on my thighs and body acne. I spray it after shower in the morning and again at night. After 3 weeks my skin noticeably cleared up. It takes time to clean out old pores but this definitely works and I highly recommend it!"

"I don't use this everyday since I live in a dry place but the plus side is that it's great with sensitive skin, not over powering and feel it working when you spray it on."

"This is a nourishing face wash, instead of the typical drying and stripping acne face washes out there. I use and suggest either face cleansers and the original and emergency astringents."


"Best natural cleanser for teenaged acne. Clears up pimples without drying out skin. My son uses it with the astringent."


"I first started using this product 10+ years ago when my daughter was a teenager. I tried all the expensive facial products from Macy's and the Health Food stores. The Zero Zits products were the best! (Dermilogica was second.) My daughter is on her own now - but she still has a bottle of Well In Hand Zero Zitz Wash (and toner) around for emergencies (when she breaks out). I buy these products now to give to my nieces and nephews and friends who have teenagers with "teenager acne". The bottle that I personally use is probably several years old (just shake it up) - as at my age I have fewer acne/oily complications, but when I do I use just use a little bit for a few days and my skin clears up, heals, and returns to normal."

"If you have teenagers or oily skin, I highly recommend this product. It lasts a very long time and is well worth the money. You only need to use a little!!!!"

"Also, for acne breakouts - I have learned that "fat digestion" is one of the issues. The skin is the largest organ of the body and when the body needs to remove excess oils (that cannot be digested) they will come thru the skin. I now know to avoid "fatty" foods, add extra digestive enzymes (that include lipase) to my diet at every meal, and to take baths with Epsom salt and baking soda to gently clear out the pores."


"I have been using this product for over a year and it has been the only thing that keeps my face clear. I love that it is natural ingredients and doesn't have harsh chemicals. I have had acne my whole life and I will be 40 soon."

"I use it every day in the shower. I put a small amount in my hand and massage my face for about 20 seconds before rinsing it off. It does not lather. These days I only have an occasional pimple, and when i do, i use the Zero Zits Emergency toner. I put a dab of that on a cotton ball and hold it on the pimple for about 10-20 minutes. You will see drastic difference by the next morning. If it is a bad one, i might need to do another 10 minutes in the morning. It also helps with the scarring afterwards. I used to have a red mark that would eventually turn pink, and it would last for weeks afterwards. I understand everyone is different, but for me, it works well."