Natural FungiFree Nail Rescue™


You have found FungiFree Nait Rescue!  Wellinhand's natural, non-toxic, vegan nail fungus herbal treatment.  Congrats! 


Our customers asked for a treatment for fungal nails and we responded, naturally. FungiFree™ is designed to address fungal finger and toe nail beds, without using any nasty drugs that require liver toxicity testing - just pure and natural ingredients applied topically. You’ll want to celebrate with rings on your fingers and bells on your toes!




PENETRATE Nails with FungiFree™ Spray

After cleansing, thoroughly spritz your nails with FungiFree™ Spray. This apple cider vinegar-based spray penetrates your nails with herbs and essential oils traditionally used for difficult fungal nails. 

2 fl. oz. (60mL)


PROTECT Nails with FungiFree™ Conditioning Oil

Coat nails with FungiFree™ Oil to protect from the environment and prevent your nails from drying out. Massage into treated nails or soak nails for 10 minutes in this herbal and aromatherapy, nut-free oil.


Prevent Fungus: dust your nails with FungiFree™ Foot and Boot Powder to keep your feet dry and fresh smelling. Our natural foot powder contains Bentonite Clay, Myrrh, Peppermint, Lavender, Tea Tree, herbs, and pure essential oils. Powder your shoes and boots, too, for lasting results

4.5 oz. (128 g).   VERY LIMITED INVENTORY




FungiFree™ Under Polish Shield forms a protective barrier between your nails and the polish, helping to keep your nails healthy. Brush-free application to reduce cross-contamination - simply spray onto your nails, allow to dry, and then polish your nails as usual.

2 fl oz. (60 mL).


All FungiFree™ products are certified vegan and cruelty-free. 100% natural. Free of preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness.


Disclaimer: Have your situation diagnosed by your qualified health care professional. The information herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All Wellinhand products guarantee satisfaction.


Apply two to three times daily. With regular use, normal nails should begin to grow unaffected by fungus. The process takes as long as it takes for normal nails to grow back in, so trim away the old nail as it grows out and get ready to start shopping for sandals!


If you polish your nails, follow with FungiFree™ Under Polish Shield to keep nails healthy underneath your polish. Spray FungiFree™ Under Polish Shield generously onto your fingernails and toenails. Allow a moment to dry and then polish your nails as usual. 


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  • "Hello Linda, I am running low in Fungi Free oil. Do you carry a larger size? A thin layer at the bottom of my feet works miracles at keeping my feet itch-free and hygienic. It even extends the life of my shoes significantly. Incidentally and most surprisingly, the scars under my right foot vanished completely when I used the Fungi Free. I had these scars for years after I had contracted an MRSA infection from a gym. I did not expect them to vanish. How is this possible? Anyway, have a Happy Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year."

  • "Super! I showed my podiatrist how WART WONDER got rid of all those Plantars warts and he said, "Holy cow!" It's super stuff. The wart just went bye, bye. You've got a lot of good products. I am using your FUNGIFREE now. It is the only thing on the market that does any good!"

  • "Just in time for sandals - I need one more FUNGIFREE PENETRATING SPRAY. Look! There is just one tiny little corner of my big toe nail that is funky. I'm almost done. It was easy, I just wiggled my toe and bent the skin away as I sprayed and that's it. About a week ago I stubbed my toe and the fungal part crumbled away and there was my nail all pink and pretty in time to wear sandals this summer. My nail just grew in normally. I think I'll spray FUNGIFREE inside my shoes this winter."

  • "Good results - We had good results with FUNGI FREE. One finger is now clear and we have one finger to go so we are happy. We used Steps 1, 2, and 3. We are pleased!" 

  • "Normal nails, finally! My big toenail is more than halfway grown out to a new, normal nail- thanks to using my FUNGI-FREE kit only once a day. I have tried many things since I injured the nail and this is so exciting- it is totally working!"

  • "Safe and effective - I just wanted to let you know how happy I am. The toe nail fungus I had for two years is gone. There was even a point where the doctor gave me medicine that had a risk of liver damage. It worked for awhile but then the fungus returned. I really appreciate the safe and effective formula of the FUNGIFREE line. Thanks again."

  • "Great! I am using your FungiFree now. It is the only thing on the market that does any good!"


  • Suddenly one day I noticed normal nails starting to growing in on my very own hands. It'd been so long. Well done! FUNGIFREE kills nail fungus!


  • I use your FungiFree Spray and Oil and they are working very well.  I will continue to use them.


  • I've had toe nail fungus for many years.  I tried many different things and this stuff is just great! I can see a big difference on my one big toe and the other toe, which is a lot worse will take more time.  I tried other things and this works better.  I just use the spray a couple times every day.  Stuff comes out from under my nail; it is cream or brown colored.  I really like FUNGIFREE.  It is easier than anything else I tried.  And it is not awful smelling!


  • "Have had fungal nail problem on my big toes for years. After a few weeks it really starting to clear. Have a long way to go however this product seems so far to be the most successful product that I have tried. I have tried a lot. Also have been using it on my finger nails which are tending to be very brittle and quite yellow. They are looking much healthier."


  • "Works extremely well  This product naturally absorbs moisture, keeps closed feet fresh and free of any odor. Popular with my sister too...we both wear lots of ballet flats so enclosed feet need freshness!  All of our designer shoes are in perfect condition (bacteria free) thanks to this stupendous product that uses natural sources for healthy & pretty feet!"


  • "It's working.  I have had this problem with toe nail fungus for a few years that first started in the very corner of my big toe, that over time spread to cover my entire big toe, I figured I better do something about it before it spread to my other toes or my other foot, so I thought I give this product a try, it may seem a bit expensive but trust me it's worth it! After about a month of continuous use I notice that my nail was growing in *normal* can't explain my relief and excitement my embarrassing fungus that I use to cover up with dark nail polish is finally going away! Again if you are determined to use this continuously you will not be disappointed."