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"My big toenail is more than halfway grown out to a new, normal nail- thanks to using my FUNGI-FREE kit only once a day. I have tried many things since I injured the nail and this is so exciting- it is totally working!" BD, VA


“We had good results with FUNGI FREE. One finger is now clear and we have one finger to go so we are happy. We used Steps 1, 2, and 3. We are pleased.” O.T., CA


"I need one more FUNGIFREE PENETRATING SPRAY. Look! There is just one tiny little corner of my big toe nail that is funky. I'm almost done. It was easy, I just wiggled my toe and bent the skin away as I sprayed and that's it. About a week ago I stubbed my toe and the fungal part crumbled away and there was my nail all pink and pretty in time to wear sandals this summer. My nail just grew in normally. I think I'll spray FUNGIFREE inside my shoes this winter." C.T., VA


"I showed my podiatrist how WART WONDER got rid of all those Plantars warts and he said, "Holy cow!" It's super stuff. The wart just went bye, bye. You've got a lot of good products. I am using your FUNGIFREE now. It is the only thing on the market that does any good!" S. B., TX


"Hello Linda,  I am running low in Fungi Free “protection” oil.  Do you carry a larger size?  A thin layer at the bottom of my feet works miracles at keeping my feet itch-free and hygienic.  It even extends the life of my shoes significantly.  Incidentally and most surprisingly, the scars under my right foot vanished completely when I used the Fungi Free.  I had these scars for years after I had contracted an MRSA infection from a gym.  I did not expect them to vanish.  How is this possible?  Anyway, have a Happy Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.  Sincerely, D.M."


"Hello. My son who just turned five years old has problems with the skin on his feet, especially on the pads of his toes. Cracked and peeling skin. Often breaking open and bleeding. No one can tell me what it is (fungus? yeast? etc.). It's very painful for him. Your FungiFree is the only thing that seems to help. My little eight year old has been having teenage-like break-outs and pimples for three years! I'm worried for him. So little to be having such problems. Is it related to his hormones? The environment? His diet? I can't figure it out. It's painful and he's already self-conscious. I'm looking forward to trying your astringent. Fingers crossed that it will help.
THANK YOU. All the best," Lisa

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