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“I ordered your HERPA RESCUE treatment and soap the other day so that I could get off acyclovir because of the annoying side effects, especially the thrush. I want you to know that I’m glad your HERPA RESCUE is working well for me. Thank you for the extra catalogs, I will pass them along to my friends.” C.G., CA


"It is so sooooothing! I just love the idea that everyday I am in prevention mode! It soothes! I use HERPA RESCUE Soap Soother as my daily cleanser. Thank you for making it for me!" A.M., ME


“My dog had oozing herpes. A hole was forming and getting bigger and bigger.  This little sore opened up and couldn’t heal.  Your product Herpa Rescue seemed to really work!  I was impressed.  I really was.  I had been fighting against this so long.  I feel good about Herpa Rescue!” K.P., SC


"I was diagnosed with herpes II that I developed after goiong to the gynocologist. I suffered and suffered for months and months. I used HERPA RESCUE SOAP SOOTHER in September and in just one month it cleared up and I havent had a problem since. I just use it and I have been absolutely fine. I am eager to receive my next 2 bottles for my anniversary trip." E.K., NC

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