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"I just wanted to call in a review.  I used your THERAPY OIL for this rash on my skin which I now believe is from LYME DISEASE.  It stops the itching and redness.  But here's the thing. As we get older, we get these SKIN TAGS.  I rubbed it on a lot and in a week a large skin tag that I had is completely gone.  I thought you'd like to know.  I will be using your THERAPY OIL on a lot of little things!  Thanks!" -Anon.


"THERAPY OIL is a “miracle-worker.” Our family always keeps it on hand. We have frequently used it for aches and pains, pulled muscles, itching, skin irritations, bug bites, and many other things. Whenever there is a physical problem we say, “Try THERAPY OIL.” It works wonders." M.G.


Heartily endorsed by elite runner David Horton, record holder Appalachian Trail Run who used Well-in-Hand® to place 3rd in the '95 TransAm Footrace. A 3,000 mile race in only 64 days! This is the toughest footrace in the world; the equivalent of 2 marathons a day for over 2 months! Quite a test for a new product!


Your Well In Hand THERAPY OIL has helped me keep going despite fatigued or injured muscles. I worked hard jobs early in my early adult life and had two torn muscles and some tendonitis in one elbow. I still go at work and recreation with zeal and sometimes my muscles tell the tale of over exertion. Recently after a round of golf my left shoulder was aching from grounding a hard swing into red clay. I rubbed on some THERAPY OIL and got into the shower. By the time I got to dinner my shoulder was pain free. I am amazed that THERAPY OIL works so fast on pain that feels like it’s deep in the tissue.If I know I’m going to go at strenuous activities I make a habit of rubbing THERAPY OIL onto the abused joints and muscles before and after the activity. It works great and has a rich natural aroma.Thank you for your Well In Hand THERAPY OIL. Sincerely, JB"


"When my granddaughter got her TDAP booster shot, she asked if the THERAPY OIL would help with the soreness and pain, and oh my IT DID...this stuff is awesome. It was hardly sore at all the next day."


"I began using several of your Action Remedies a year ago and I can say with 100% conviction that everything I have tried has been amazing! I LOVE your THERAPY OIL and use it frequently on my neck to relieve daily tension and fatigue. It smoothes on nicely and has a most pleasant aroma - I feel like I've had a spa treatment when I finish using it! And best of all, it isn't oily and leaves no stains on bed linens or clothing!"