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“Your NEW MAMA bath is wonderful during pregnancy and for postpartum relief! As a midwife, we make sitz baths for women after they give birth. I'm amazed to see a company whose products are so 'with it'! Thank you!” C.H., Ozark 


"As a Homebirth Midwife, I found out about WIH about 5 years ago and have been recommending them ever since.  The cooling cucumber perineal spray is my personal favorite to recommend - a clean scent after you've had a baby.  At home I LOVE your amazing healing oils for everything.  I wish you were closer so I could just drop by and fill up my shopping cart!"


"After the birth the litacain wore off and I couldn’t take the pain so I told the Midwife to stop the sutures. She reluctantly stopped and told me that I would heal “wide open” and may suffer from pain for the rest of my life. She gave me the same report after 24 hours and again after 4 days. I took a bath in New Mama for a week and a half straight. At my six week check up she was shocked to see that I’d healed together perfectly. I’m not sure if it was New Mama or walking around like a stick figure for two weeks but I’m pretty sure a large part of it is due to the herb bath. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated having it." L.J.


"I heal very very quickly and I know NEW MAMA Tush Soothing Bath is why. I heal quicker didn't bleed hardly at all. My doula first gave it to me...she is a very smart lady."


“My wife’s midwife told her to start using the tush bath until the baby comes. She is a big fan of the NEW MAMA product.” D.M., VA


"New Mama was only on the shelf half a hour before it sold. A Sleep Rescue went a few hours later. Not bad for brand new products!" G.B., Sun and Earth, Annapolis, MD


"I use the NEW MAMA for post surgical therapy after my hysterectomy. It was an hour drive for the hospital and a friend drew a bath and it helped clear me. NEW MAMA helped with the feeling of intrusion and relaxed me so I could sleep. My cat likes the aroma and sits on the side of the tub by me whenever I use NEW MAMA!" M.O., KS


"My fourth babe and I soaked in this luscious medicinal NEW MAMA bath feeling like we were the center of the universe. At this precious time, this is how it is meant to be. I healed very quickly and I am left with an enchanting life experience so memorable that over 20 years later, in the middle of a hectic moment, I still think back to those serene moments." Linda Doby, formulator

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