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Thank you for making NIT KIT! It is a clean, safe product that doesn't make me feel gross as I had whenever using dangerous poisons on my daughter's head. After I soaked her hair for 4 hours and covered it with a shower cap, the lice had run away from her head and hair and had escaped into the cap where they where they had all become extremely sluggish and easy to destroy. I suggest that your tell your customers to take off the shower cap out of doors or in the tub so as to not let lice fall into their houses. Elissa loved the aroma. It made her feel better about the process as she had no icky, chemicals which she wouldn't want to touch. The Nit Kit left her hair shiny, bouncy and with a little curl! It added body to her hair! She called it a hair treatment! R.P., WA


"I immediately called the school nurse to tell her to recommend the NIT KIT to all the parents of children with head lice. The comb was the best I have used out of all the kits on the market. I did not find your product on the Internet, but in a health food store called "Beans and Grains and Things" in Little Rock, AR. We have fought the war with head lice since August of 1999.... we just could not remove all the eggs until now with the help of your fantastic comb! I am just elated with joy!"

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