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 “Wellinhand is great during labor and helped me throughout the whole process.”

 “I have used Wellinhand oils for years because of all the positive feedback I get from My elite-athlete          clients. It is wonderful!”

“Hi, I love your Therapy Oil product. Thank you for producing such a great mix of       oils.”

“What a great company. and what a fine C.E.O. I hope Wellinhand customers will forever use these products they are just the finest I have ever found anywhere.”

“Hi, I really like your Therapy Oil product. I recommend it and use it on all my clients and myself too!!”

“I am using Wellinhand oils and might like to try it in my health food store here in New Bern, NC."

“I love your products! I work at a health food store, and I brought some of the bottles in to show my co-workers and boss, and they all said "Order it!" So...:) Great Work, Well in Hand!!! Keep it up!”

“Tried a sample of your Therapy Oil and was very impressed. Too bad the rest of the world can't be more objective in their responsibilities to man kind.”

“Love the Wellinhand oils. There is next to nothing on the market that I can use. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and cannot tolerate artificial or heavy fragrances in products. Your Wellinhand is just right.“

“Your Wellinhand oils are like a miracle!”

“The first day I used Wellinhand oils I could see a marked improvement in my skin. I was amazed!”

“Buster and I thank you for Well-in-Hand oils!”

“Wellinhand Oils are very useful! As a massage therapist and I use Well-in-Hand oils on my clients and on myself. It always works!"

“You make the best stuff!”

“What a relief! No other product can do what your products can and it is priced reasonably!”

“This is the only product that works for my mother. She always makes sure she has an extra bottle on hand!”

"I use the oil twice a day. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your product!”

“Wellinhand oils are wonderful. It's great! I recommend it to all my clients. People like the soothing aroma. Your oil enhances my work!”

“I really like your products. They smell good and work 'as advertised.' Most importantly they are clean and environmentally conscious and sustainable. It's always a pleasure talking with you. I wish you continued success in bringing wonderful, green 'personal therapy' products to the world.”

“I want to tell you how much I enjoy using your product. It is truly a miracle!”

“My 16 year old has not had such good looking skin since he was 12!”

“I have such sensitive skin so I am thrilled to have found Wellinhands Original Formula! Why didn't I find it sooner? I should have bought more when I was at Harnett's up in Boston. I need to stock up for when I go to school in Ireland next month. I love it. I just love it!”

“I found out about your products this summer from my mom who found out about it at this little store in Huntington Beach called Mother's Market. OHMIGOD, I have NEVER been so satisfied with my skin!!! My skin is so clear now that for the first time in about 4 years, I can say I am satisfied with it. I just wanted to say thank you for creating a product that has been like a miracle for me. Thank you and Rock on!!!”

I picked up your product on a whim. In three days his face was completely cleared. There are no other products on the market that work this effectively.”

“Your products are marvelous. If you ever stop making this stuff we'd be in so much trouble.  My skin is smooth and soft. Actually, I use very little makeup now. I feel so much better about going out in public.  We're glad we found you!!”

“I have been using Wellinhand products for 6 months with great effect. I am Looking forward to trying out your other products. Thanks for being one of the few natural products out there that actually live up to their name!!!”

“I just wanted to write to tell you that I love your product. I tell others about it whenever I can and I love to give them the samples you send with my orders to try to get them to love it too, and clear up their face.”

“You have no idea what a gift you have given me. Thank you so much. “

“Thank you! I appreciate that your precious Therapy Oil was available to me when I needed it most."

“I am pleased to recommend Wellinhand products for use.”

“Well-in-Hand oil was the first product we have used that showed tangible results. Well-In-Hand has something good going on!”

 “Thanks Linda! You're right... Relief is "Well In Hand". Thank you for such a wonderful product."

“Thank you for your commitment to quality, freshness, locally-grown ingredients where possible....and that great aroma of your products!”

“Due to your Wellinhand Therapy Oil, my son's nurses were amazed.”

“Wellinhand's Therapy Oil is the best stuff I ever used in my life. I am dead serious; I could not do my job without it. Now, my coworkers want it too!”

“I am so glad I got your product! It soooo works! I'm 80+ years old and I am fine so long as I have your product!”

“'OMG this is wonderful and it works too!”

"I am so thankful, and so is Nancy, for your product.  It's a miracle in a bottle.  One Christmas, I gave all mu family a bottle of it!  Thank you!"

“Your Wellinhand tea-tree astringent was amazing! I am a true believer of your products.”

“Your products are amazing - I'm 33 years old and have tried every product out there. A product to be proud of!!!”

“Two days after I run out of your product my face breaks out again! I made my mom promise me that I would always have always have a constant supply! The Tangerine-Vanilla is my favorite. Thanks for making the best stuff ever!”

"Dear Linda,  I wish I had a before picture... we found your product at Whole Foods. It seemed a bit more expensive, but I hoped would be worth it. We started applying it religiously… Well, for the first time in TWENTY YEARS I am thrilled. I still look at it, but in joy and amazement. Thank you very much.“

“I came across your product in a health food store and decided it couldn't hurt. You have truly turned me into a Well-in-hand trustee.”

“I recently used WART WONDER product. I wanted to let you know as it may help many others. I thank you for your product!”

“Two years ago, I stumbled upon your remedy for warts. And it is a wonder! It is non-invasive and a wonderful example for both of my children as to the effectiveness of natural products for natural healing. Thanks!”

“You are one of the only companies that have a money back guarantee and I really appreciate that. I would also like to tell you that I have been using your WART WONDER; it is amazing. I love it! Thank you for your time and help.”

“WART WONDER worked perfectly! I was stunned! Good job! Please send another bottle for me to give to my brother when he comes next week.”

“We have tried the WART WONDER and it really does work and we appreciate your effort - no scars or remnants!"

“I recommend this product because it works. It is easy to use. I could not use it as prescribed because of where my condition was located. It took extra time. However, WART WONDER is amazing!”

“Hi~I would like to praise your company for "Wart Wonder Super Potent". Hooray! Thanks so much!”

“WART WONDER was very effective unlike other products I've used. It also wasn't complicated to use. I'm happy using a product that gets rid of such embarrassing imperfections. It works quickly!”

“I love the WART WONDER product. It is absolutely wonderful. I have several clients trying it as well as other Wellinhand products”.

“Send me information on your fabulous WART WONDER that I can pass on to our patients.”

“Testimonials are great! Here is another one for you. As told to me by Barbara Whitener, supplement/HABC buyer at Arcata Coop, Arcata, CA. One day while shopping at Arcata Coop, a good customer walked up to Barbara and said that she had used WART WONDER. She said nothing else that she tried worked. She was thrilled with the results and verifiably relieved.”

“WART WONDER works great! WART WONDER is a natural product; it works and is easy to use. I have plenty of product to use again. I would buy this product again.”

“My 15 1/2 year old Bichon has had wart problems all his life. About 5 years ago I agreed to a "wart removal procedure" when he had his yearly dental cleaning. He was sedated and when he came home, he looked as though he had been shot about 50 times with a BB gun from the warts which were cauterized, and he had a "cone" on his head for almost a month because of the warts which were surgically removed so he couldn't remove the stitches. The places where they surgically removed the warts were about three times bigger than the warts were. He was so miserable and I swore I would never do that to him again. Then I found your product and whenever the warts come back, I use the extra strength, because I can't use a band aid, so it takes a little longer. But soon, they just come right off in chunks on the Q-tip I use. My vet couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) believe it!! Now I don't have to feel like a bad Dog Mommy and Seth doesn't have to go through that pain and misery. Your product is absolutely amazing (AND VEGAN!!). I can't say enough, just Thank You from the both of us.”

“To whom it may concern, I am writing you in regards to your product WART WONDER. I must confess I tried your product as a last resort. I didn't really believe it would work and I used it rather haphazardly and didn't get the desired results and was going to return the product. It has been months now and I have no re-occurrence. This is almost a miracle. Thank you for helping me so much. You succeeded when all the doctors failed!!”

“It doesn't smell like bug spray, and it doesn't have any chemicals. LOVE the vanilla scent.”

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