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Wart Wonder is an absolute miracle cure. I think many dermatologists would be absolutely mystified about the speed and effectiveness of this cure. I have used it for years and can say with 100% confidence that it is almost like witnessing a miracle even on scary, calloused over Plantar's warts. After a **decade** in the medicine chest it is every bit as effective as it was from day one. Absolutely amazing. Really great work!


"I just wanted to call and let you know how pleased my husband and I are with your WART WONDER. My husband has tried everything, including the dermatologist, to get it removed and nothing has worked! My husband found your WART WONDER and after only two weeks, the seed of... the wart surfaced to the top and fell off. Now the wart is gone!" - Martha, Jackson Hole, WY


"If you read this I have been using the regular strength wart wonder on some massive mosaics of plantar warts. I have used every other mainstream product I could find as well as visits to the doctor for freezing and acid treatment. Nothing worked. In a few days of using your product the warts began to die. Its been two weeks and i have made considerable progress. THANK YOU!! It is an amazing product!!!"


"I am in CA and am calling because I want you to know how wonderful Wart Wonder is. My wife found it in Hawaii and I started using it. I thought of herbal products as hit or miss, but started to use it anyway. I am a week into treatment and already I see a big, big difference. I had been using the regular stuff in the stores, salicylic acid, and got the worst burns from it. Your stuff is great. I’m not exaggerating. You know what you are doing. What else do you guys make? Keep up the good work!” J.S., CA


"To whom it may concern, I am writing you in regards to your product WART WONDER. I must confess I tried your product as a last resort. I didn't really believe it would work and I used it rather haphazardly and didn't get the desired results and was going to return the product. This stubborn wart had been with me for 10 years and I had tried to rid myself of it several times, but to no avail. Every time it was burned off, it would appear again. (It was on my right index finger). I finally decided to have it surgically removed and made a doctor appointment. Fortunately, a friend persuaded me that I should give WART WONDER another try before surgery so I cancelled and applied WW to my finger religiously. After about 3 weeks the war was gone and even more surprising was that I couldn't feel the little knot inside that I usually had before. It has been months now and I have no reoccurrence. This is almost a miracle. I thought I would die with this wart on my finger!! I am so sold on your product that I mailed a bottle to my son in California. I told a woman at the post office who was about to have surgery for her ten year old son on his wart. Now she is going to try Wart Wonder instead. I have also talked to a pharmacist and some doctors. I hope they will spread the word about this wonderful product that I initially dismissed. Now I'm a believer!! This is the first time I have ever written a letter like this about a product. Pklease feel free to quote any part of this letter. Thank you for helping me so much. I am delighted to be rid of a ten year wart!! You succeeded when all the doctors failed!!" With sincere thanks, V.A., Provo, UT


"Hi Linda, I've never written you, but I wanted to thank you. I stumbled across Wart Wonder a few years back, after battling a plantar's wart the size of a quarter, along with the others that had spread to my hands. It did what 7 years of doctors, meds, freezing, and lasers couldn't. And in less than 30 days. I read a little about you on your website. When I read that you had a special ed background, well, that was the icing on the cake. I have a son with autism and hyperlexia. Tonight I got to share recommendations about plantar wart treatment with the mom of a child with autism who has a plantar wart. I told her my story. You'll soon have another fan :-) And about my warts... I was so frustrated after the doctor visits that I took a "before" picture of the warts. And an "after". I'd like to share them with you if you'd like to put them up on your website. Kind regards," D.Y., CA


"My 15 1/2 year old Bichon has had wart problems all his life. About 5 years ago I agreed to a "wart removal procedure" when he had his yearly dental cleaning. He was sedated and when he came home, he looked as though he had been shot about 50 times with a BB gun from the warts which were cauterized, and he had a "cone" on his head for almost a month because of the warts which were surgically removed so he couldn't remove the stitches. The places where they surgically removed the warts were about three times bigger than the warts were. He was so miserable and I swore I would never do that to him again. Then I found your Wart Wonder and whenever the warts come back, I use the extra strength, because I can't use a band aid, so it takes a little longer. But soon, they just come right off in chunks on the Q-tip I use. My vet couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) believe it!! Now I don't have to feel like a bad Dog Mommy and Seth doesn't have to go through that pain and misery. Your product is absolutely amazing (AND VEGAN!!). I can't say enough, just Thank You from the both of us." Thanks! D.R., IL


"I would like to give a testimonial about Wart Wonder. When I first bought some from my local herb shop, I have to say I was skeptical. I had had my wart removed by a dermatologist. Of course after not too long it grew back. He said it wouldn't. So much for that. It is now September. I started using Wart Wonder back in April. I used it religiously every day for all those months. It was quite small when I started and as I used it, it seemed to get bigger. Then I noticed some black dots on the surface. They seemed to multiply. I realized they were probably the "wart seeds" as I like to call them. That thing just hung on and hung on and I was more determined than ever to have that thing leave and never return. Well yesterday it looked like it had started to lift up and I kind of pulled on it and lo and behold it all came off. There is just some new clear skin under it. It's gone! I can't believe it. All my hard work paid off. I am wart free. I feel totally confident that after all that time and effort, it will not grow back. I can be so sure because of watching the process of it being pulled to the surface. What started out so little, became so much bigger and then the black dots appeared. This was all with just ¾ of a bottle. My advice to anyone with an annoying wart is to keep with the program, don't give up and you will have success. Sincerely, " S McD., NC


"That WART WONDER is amazing. We applied it for 3 days on my son's finger. He's 8 years old and it did not hurt a bit. It was a seed wart; WART WONDER turned the seeds black and now it's gone. I'd recommend it to anyone! It took 2 weeks. It's gone. Very good. Thank you. We looked at all the stuff in the stores and they hurt. I'm glad we bought WART WONDER. Thought I'd let you know." N.H., VA


"I got a new FLAT WART on my forehead. Every product in the drug store says not to use it on your face. This may sound ridiculous but I used WART WONDER for 2-3 days and it was gone. I ready your testimonials on the website and thought I'd try it. It was amazing." N.H., VA


"Pretty amazing - better than going to the doctor. I try to use natural medicine. This stuff jjust seems to kinda dissoved the layers of skin til it fell off. It does take that long really...about 3 weeks 3-4 times a day. Last time it took longer because it was there a long time. Years later this one was on my foot and I don't go barefoot in public. It was gone a lot faster this time with WART WONDER."


"You're a wizard! You are brilliant! We believe in you. We believe! WART WONDER worked in 6 weeks. It’s so magical that you touch every batch that goes out. You must be growing because good news travels fast. You are truly a spiritual company.” L. V., Germany


“Warts are unattractive and I was able to use WART WONDER that relieved within 2 weeks of use.” S. S.


“I recommend this product because it works. It is easy to use. I could not use it as prescribed because of where my condition was located. It took extra time. However, WART WONDER is amazing!” H. B.


“I have used other wart removal products recently to attack a common wart on my hand without success. I have used Wart Wonder for just over one week and I am now wart free of the wart that I have battled with for over a year. Based on my experience with WART WONDER as a product tester, I would recommend this easy to use product to others.” M. R.


"We have tried the WART WONDER and it really does work and we appreciate your effort—no scars or remnants!” C.C., MO


“After 5 years and hundreds of dollars going to dermatologists for warts, I was about to give up. I went to herbal garlic, castor oil, vitamin A and E...nothing worked...until I came across WART WONDER. This is the most amazing stuff that I have ever tried!! Everyone who knows me and my trouble with warts is in disbelief. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and WART WONDER. After 5 long years I can now go out without putting bandages on my warts to hide them. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart." K.V., VA


“I used WART WONDER on re-occurring Plantar’s warts. I think this item is probably good for someone with sensitive skin issues. It doesn’t seem as potent as the other brands I have used but because I suffer from eczema and allergies, this product was easier on me. The warts have disappeared. No horrible strong odor.


“I was anxious to try WART WONDER since my 13 year old daughter has warts on her hand. We have tried numerous other products with no results. These other products also made the wart appear worse looking and would sometimes burn. After just a few days with WART WONDER we could tell her warts were starting to fade! Wart Wonder is easy to use. My daughter treats her warts herself.” M.O.


“I tried WART WONDER on my grandson’s finger and by the following day the wart was already half gone. I would tell everyone about this product. It works and is easy to use.” S.B.


“WART WONDER was very effective unlike other products I’ve used. It also wasn’t complicated to use. I’m happy using a product that gets rid of such embarrassing imperfections. It works quickly!” A.B.


“WART WONDER really worked on a wart I had and also on my husband. My husband had it all over his toes. And now they’re gone after using it 3 weeks.” C.M.


“Two years ago, I stumbled upon your remedy for warts "WART WONDER". And it is a wonder. It cleared up my older daughter's foot warts and is now doing wonders on my younger daughter's foot warts. It is non-invasive and a wonderful example for both of my children as to the effectiveness of natural products for natural healing. Thanks!” J.G., RI


“I want to tell you, that within 3 weeks his warts were gone! It was amazing to watch this stuff work! It was almost as if the WART WONDER was pulling the poison right out...they became raised and red, then scabbed. We put it on religiously 3 times a day...but gave it a break when his skin started to become sensitive. Well, they are gone...and I can't thank you enough! Oh, and by the way, my daughter only required a few treatments...and hers are gone also! Thank you so, so much!" J.D., MI


"The stuff is quite amazing. The doctor tried to burn off my warts 3 times and they always came back with a vengeance. Now they are all clear. They were all clustered together. I used WART WONDER like the instructions said. IT just took care of them in about 6 weeks. The doctor was pretty amazed because there was so little invasion. It was wonderful to have that product! Thank you!" S.F., OH


“I carry the virus for warts and have at least one wart or more a year on my hands. I have in the past used smelly chemical wart removers—that you keep clipping the dead skin off while using it. WART WONDER works great! Because I handle food daily I was not able to use it during work hours—I used it every night and 3x daily on my days off—after 6 weeks my wart just flattened out and dried up. You would never know that a wart was there! WART WONDER is a natural product; it works and is easy to use. I have plenty of product to use again. The packaging is very nice—old fashion blue bottle is a keeper. I would buy this product again.” S. E.


"I am astounded! Nearly one year ago, I developed a wart on the top of the first joint of my left index finger. Such a painful location, as I constantly bumped it! I began treating it meticulously with OTC Salicylic acid, and then tried the OTC freezing solution. Finally, in desperation, I went to the dermatologist, who thoroughly froze it; however, he also told me that in 65% of cases, this is ineffective. "Most go away in a year or two.", was all he offered. The wart stubbornly persisted, and I continued the OTC treatments, trying to be patient. The finger began to ache and throb, feeling hot and feverish, even hurting so much that I would awaken with pain; at this time I realized that there was also a problem under the nail of that finger. So, now 4 months later, off I went again to the dermatologist, who obviously had not a clue as to how much this was disabling me; he truly offered little except that I "might" have success with a very costly medication used in treatment of genital warts(?!)...Indeed, I now also had developed a second wart, a periungual wart (under the nail, on the nailbed). I left in TEARS. Searching the internet, I came upon your site, and my interest was piqued by the testimonials re: Wart Wonder. Ever the skeptic, I called, actually spoke with the creator of this marvel, and decided that $25 was a worthwhile gamble. AMAZING!!!!!! I followed your instructions, and though my firmly entrenched problem did not resolve in days, it did so within 3-4 weeks. I found that taking a small bit of cotton, rolling it into a tiny bit, and applying it over the joint wart, as well as wedging one under the nail with a toothpick worked best to keep the moisture where it needed to be. I then applied the ointment to the cotton bit, and covered my fingertip with two of the clear, waterproof bandages...one applied "sandwiching" the nail, and one around to anchor the dressing. After a few weeks of this, I noticed subtle changes...and one day tried with a toothpick to lift the edge of the nail-wart. I was able to remove it!!!!! The one on the joint also shrank slowly, and I am so pleased to say that WART WONDER did exactly what it said it would do...it got rid of my warts! I am so grateful to you and will use your products in the future, as well as telling others of them. a customer


"Testimonials are great! Here is another one for you. As told to me by Barbara Whitener, supplement/HABC buyer at Arcata Coop, Arcata, CA. One day while shopping at Arcata Coop, a good customer walked up to Barbara and said that her warts where completely gone usingWART WONDER. She said nothing else that she tried worked. Not burning, not freezing, nothing until she tried WART WONDER. She saidWART WONDER got rid of her daughter’s warts and she is now going to use it on her son. She was thrilled with the results and verifiably relieved." V.C.


"Hey, I just wanted to thank you for the product. I fought with a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for five months. The wart caused me excruciating pain with every step I took; and no matter what steps I took to rid myself of it, the wart only grew larger and more irritated. Being a single mother as well as waiting tables at a fast paced restaurant, it became a serious mission in my life to rid myself of this horrible painful virus. I tried every store-bought remedy as well as everything I could find on the Internet. I finally went to a local herb store and they suggested your productWART WONDER. Within two weeks the thing was completely gone. Thank you Thank you Thank you." M. M., MT


"Send me information on your fabulous WART WONDER that I can pass on to our patients." T.M., Dermatologist


"I love the WART WONDER product. It is absolutely wonderful. I have several clients trying it as well as the Herpa Rescue." G.G., IL


"Your WART WONDER works great! I am recommending it to a friend and they would like to get it fast." Jeff, WV


"I just wanted to send a *huge* thank you for WART WONDER. I've been trying to treat my plantar wart for a year now with dermatological burning/freezing/cutting and over-the-counter stuff that never got to the root. Finally walked into a naturopathic store and spotted your bottle. I'm heading into my 4th week but see so much improvement I don't care if it's 4 more before things are finally cleaned up. I've only been able to apply twice daily instead of the recommended three times because of my schedule, but it's worked amazingly well. For the first time in months, I've been able to walk without pain and see none of the scary swelling in my foot that appeared periodically (the wart is at the base of my 2nd and 3rd toes; very hard to reach and a very sensitive spot.) I can tell the roots are coming out one by one.”


"I live in Santa Barbara and got WART WONDER from Lazy Acres here in town. The first time I was introduced to WART WONDER I was reluctant and left the store without buying it. I was thinking, this sucker has been on the tip of my finger for 10 years, some herbal remedy won't do the trick and it's 25 bucks! It was only after my 3rd doctor, yes my 3rd doctor telling me they weren't sure that what was on my finger was a wart and suggested a $200 biopsy to find out. After I pay them to take a chunk out of my finger and they assess I have a wart, which I already know, I would need 4-8 packs of some cream from a pharmaceutical company that cost $90 per box. What's even funnier is the size of the packets. The doctor gave me 3 samples and you could hardly get one good dose from a whole packet. Let's do some simple math. $200 for a biopsy (+pain and chunk of flesh), $40 bucks for the doctors office visit and 6 boxes of cream at $90 per box equals $540 bringing it to a grand total of $780 bucks to remove a wart from my finger. Well guess what? I bought your twenty-five dollar bottle of WART WONDER covered my wart with WART WONDER everyday (sometimes a little painful, but a good pain cause you know it's working) and a wart I had tried to freeze 10 times came off in 7 days so easily that I still don't believe it. WART WONDER IS TRULY AMAZING." R.M., CA


"I bought WART WONDER to use on two of my children, and it worked better than you claimed. It was fabulous!" B.G., OK


"I had a little talk with the Angels to help me get through on your busy phone. My herbalist said that you are the best so I had to find you! Send me WART WONDER overnight." Practitioner in Colorado


"The stuff is amazing. Doctors tried burning off the clusters of warts on my foot three times and they always came back. Now with WART WONDER I am all clear. I just like the instructions said - it just took care of them. It took about 6 weeks. I went back to the doctor and he was pretty amazed and commented about it being so not an invasion. It is good to have the product. Thank you!" C.C., AR


"I have had warts for many, many years. Some come and go but I have had 2 really stubborn ones on the thumb and middle finger of my right hand. Recently a third developed on the next finger. The 2 original warts were deep, at least 10 years old and I had tried everything under the sun to get rid of them with no luck. I recently went into a health food store and they said I could take literally tons of Vit. C or garlic and that was "suppose" to help. Didn't like that idea. They had a couple topical products, one beingWART WONDER. The price scared me a little but something told me to spend the money. I started using it right away and then found your web site and read all the testimonials ... I frankly thought they were too good to be true. NOT! This stuff is beyond amazing! I started seeing results within a couple days and now 3 weeks later all 3 warts are almost completely gone. I wish I would have taken before and after photos because no one would have believed it. Your product is incredible and it's the first time I have tried something that actually worked as advertised. I have never written a letter like this but I just had to let others know .... this stuff really works! Worth every single cent. Thanks so much!!" S. H., ME


"I had a lot of warts that spread all over my arm for a year and a half. I tried burning them off, creams, and ointments. None of them worked. They said they'd go away in year and they never did. I used your product for less than a week. They all went away!! I didn't even put it on all of them. Maybe like 15% of them with one band-aid. I couldn't believe all the trouble I went through for almost 2 years and it was so easy withWART WONDER. Thank you so much. I had to tell you that. I never write companies but I had to tell you guys. I thought they'd never go away. It's been over a year now and they never came back. Love, Steve"


"My daughter had a wart on her index finger and we had a dermatologist froze it and that hurt. The warts came back, We tried everything. Then we gaveWART WONDER a try. Little black spots appeared after a while so I called you. You told me that the black spots were OK and to keep going and that eventually the wart would simply disappear. The wart did exactly what you said; it just suddenly disappeared! I took the bandage off and it wasn't there! It really works so I knew that the FungiFree had to work. I just ordered one for me and want to order one for my Mom now. The doctor said that the medicine for toe nail fungus would hurt my liver as a side effect. Thank you for making natural remedies that don't do any harm!" C. C., IN


"My daughter had an awful wart. Your WART WONDER worked spectacularly!" B.R., CO


"I just wanted to say that I love your products. I tried the THERAPY OIL on my face also yourWART WONDER does wonders. I use it for a anti bacterial. I am studying at the East West School of Herbology and I am looking for some work at companies that I think have products that really work. Herbs are my passion. If you ever need any help please contact me. Thank you very much." R.V.


“WART WONDER was very effective unlike other products I've used. It also wasn't complicated to use. I'm happy using a product that gets rid of such embarrassing imperfections. It works quickly!” A.B.


“WART WONDER worked just like the article said. We do not know yet if the wart would come back after not using it long term. I will recommend it to others. The only problem was that the wart was on the bottom of the foot and the band-aid was sometimes uncomfortable. Did not turn white; you do not have to scrape at it. I am very happy with the product.” S.D.


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