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"I am so glad I got YEAST RESCUE! It soooo works! I'm 80+ years old and I am fine so long as I have your product!" M.W., MI


"YEAST RESCUE really cures the yeast problem very fast. If you use the soap and then spray after you dry off, it really cures it really fast. It cures it better than Nystatin which doesn't go as fast. Sometimes I have to use a medication for yeast infection for three - five days. That works well, but it is taken orally. I want to order the spray because it works fast. I take 10 pills already and I dont need anymore! I've used YEAST RESCUE - by the second or third day it has work really very well." I.S., MI


"Greetings to Well-in-Hand! My name is [name withheld] and I am writing to tell you how Wonderful your product YEAST RESCUE is! Although I am not new to natural remedies, I had never tried a natural product for yeast infections for fear of them simply not working. Well, your product not only met my expectations, it exceeded them! Relief was immediate and long lasting. It smelled good and also lasted FOREVER. I was wondering if you have a catalog and if you would send me a copy. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter!” L.N., NJ


"I have tried everything. I mean, I have this chronic. this YEAST RESCUE stuff is amazing, this isn't working cuz it hurts - when I stopped, knew it was working because I tried another product for a while. send me 2 of the soap and 2 of the sprays.” R.R., UT


"YEAST RESCUE SOAP SOOTHER is the only thing I can use. It just worked. I have post-menopausal, yeast-like symptoms, but not a yeast infection. Your YEAST RESCUE soap soother makes a big difference! I have burning and so forth; it is very painful, brning, and irritated. I tried everything in the stores but nothing works on my problem. I use the soother all the time. I tried other things that said they were mild. Yours is actually doing pain relief; doing some good. I've been miserable for 2 weeks because I ran out of YEAST RESCUE. Send two bottles as soon as possible." J.C., CA


“Can you tell me where I can get your YEAST RESCUE in Kansas? I’ve advised patients to use Monistat but it hasn’t done much for them. Then I told them about YEAST RESCUE and it did a good job. I’d had the sample you sent for 6 months and I finally checked it out. The treatment is excellent. Dr. K, Naturopath, KS


“I love YEAST RESCUE Soap Soother. It's Great! I hate that Monistat stuff for candida; it's horrible.YEAST RESCUE works twice as well and twice as fast. Birth control pills screwed up my system and your YEAST RESCUE Soap has changed my life. It worked so well that I bought your YEAST RESCUE Treatment. It was fantastic! Please just keep making it!” S.L., MA


"This product works great! I have always had a problem with recurring yeast infections, and nothing could keep them away, until I found your great products. YEAST RESCUE is the only product I have found that works for me! Thank you so much for ending my suffering!" R.D.


"Thank you for YEAST RESCUE®!  I used it to instantly stop severe itching and burning due to another yeast infection.  It took just a few drops!  I went from miserable to jubilant!  Your pleasant YEAST RESCUE® SOAP was very helpful in my shower before using YEAST RESCUE® SPRAY.  An astonishing team!  My yeast infection was absolutely gone just  in a few days. Much success to you!”  M.K., S.C.


"I can't tell you how much your Yeast Rescue Spray and your Yeast Rescue Soap Soother has helped helped me.  It's been wonderful!" F.P., UT

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