Cut Rescue™ Natural Herbal Powder


Complete your natural first aid kit with our herbal duster.


Accidents happen. Are you ready? Cut Rescue™ is a blend of pure herbal powders formulated to help stop bleeding and oozing of minor wounds. Instantly coagulates with your own blood to form a protective seal that promotes cleanliness and wound closure. The non-stinging formula is aluminum-free and 100% natural. Discourages scarring.


Product Information

Cut Rescue™ is acclaimed for skin tears, shaving accidents, cooking incidents, active children, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes. Great for people and pets alike.


Made with pure and nourishing ingredients, Cut Rescue™ contains Slippery Elm, Lavender, Plantain and Golden Seal herbs. Available in a one-ounce shaker jar for easy application.


Certified vegan and cruelty-free. 100% natural. Free of preservatives, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches for freshness and effectiveness.


Disclaimer: Have your situation diagnosed by your qualified health care professional. The information herein is not meant to substitute for the advice of your physician and has not been evaluated by the FDA. All Wellinhand products guarantee satisfaction.


Sprinkle on minor bleeding to instantly form a protective scab and promote cleanliness. Repeat if necessary. For severe wounds, always consult your physician. 



Award & Press

Cut Rescue™ has been featured in Herbs for Health and Health Product Business Magazines.



Customer Reviews

 "I have had this product on my shelf for years- just got another bottle because I don't want to run out. In many instances it has stopped the bleeding of a cut in an odd place,when a plain band-aid just didn't work. It is all natural,and it has plenty of antibacterial properties in it- in effect it seals the wound and stops the bleeding. (works better than standard styptic dust,as I discovered when grooming my dog,and she got a little nick on her side) Once,with an injury under my fingernail where it lifted(ouch) - after cleaning it, I packed this under the nail,and wrapped it well. I unwrapped after a couple of days to recheck- all healed. it is dark so it will show, but if you like natural products,especially with active kids, this is the BEST."

“I have had this product on my shelf for years- just got another bottle because I don't want to run out. In many instances it has stopped the bleeding of a cut in an odd place, when a plain band-aid just didn't work. It is all natural, and it has plenty of antibacterial properties in it- in effect it seals the wound and stops the bleeding. (works better than standard styptic dust, as I discovered when grooming my dog, and she got a little nick on her side) Once,with an injury under my fingernail where it lifted(ouch) - after cleaning it, I packed this under the nail, and wrapped it well. I unwrapped after a couple of days to recheck- all healed. it is dark so it will show, but if you like natural products, especially with active kids, this is the BEST.”


"This is a fabulous company! They ship very fast and the products are wonderful. This product, Cut Rescue, is marvelous! Will definitely order from them again!"


"My cousin recently crashed his 4-wheeler into a ditch and came up with a cut from beneath his eye to his jaw.  To keep him from bleeding all over my kitchen, I sprinkled on Cut Rescue and packed it in.  I repeated this three times as it was pretty deep.  Within 20 minutes the scab had already formed and he is left with no scar at all.  He tells everyone about Cut Rescue!  I am ordering 6 bottles for my store.  We both thank you for this unique product!"  K.F.


"My husband had keratosis, an ugly, scaly, raised growth on his shoulder. After his shower one day, he inadvertently ripped it. Then it bled. I put CUT RESCUE on it and the thing fell off and there is now clear skin underneath."


HI, I have a tiny finch that I love. Her feet have had constant sores and open wounds which I have treated for over a year daily with many products from the Vet. I tried your Cut Rescue and her feet at last are healing and it does not cause her any more pain. Thank you so much for a fantastic product for my family and avian/parrot friends."


"I love your CUT RESCUE! Our 6 year old picked up a razor (she wasn't supposed to), and sliced her finger. As weird as it seems, our 13 year old had once done the same thing and I knew it took a visit to the doctor's office, and two hours of bleeding to stop it, including some chemical to cauterize it somehow. This time, I packed it with CUT RESCUE and held it tight with a paper towel. After a few moments, I found it was still bleeding so I again packed it with more CUT RESCUE and that stopped it. And I've never noticed a scar from it. Thanks for a great, non-aluminum product."


"CUT RESCUE to the rescue!!! Recently I caught my index finger in a door. It bled profusely, so that it was difficult to even get a Band-Aid on it. And then I remembered that there was CUT RESCUE in the medicine cabinet. After sprinkling some on my smashed finger, the bleeding stopped immediately. I was able to get medication and a Band-Aid on it. Because CUT RESCUE is so effective, I bought two more  one for my missionary brother and one for my son who does commercial wallpapering, to carry in his tool kit. CUT RESCUE works, every time."


"Everyone needs CUT RESCUE! My husband, being the "handyman" that he is, constantly gets cuts & scrapes! A little sprinkle of CUT RESCUE and the bleeding stops, the pain immediately goes away, and it heals in much less time than using ointments and Band-Aids! We loved it so much that we gave each of our 4 adult children and their families a bottle for Christmas - and they love it! Great for the grandkids too! Our 10 year-old grandson scraped his knee in soccer and was very happy that his mom had CUT RESCUE in her purse!"

"Your Well in Hand CUT RESCUE really stops bleeding from cuts and scrapes."

"I had a small accident with a sharp knife and my doctor was kind enough to glue the end of my finger back together. My doctor mentioned the daily aspirin I take really does work because the blood was flowing heavily. At that point I decided to add CUT RESCUE to my first aid kit. I heard Linda Doby, the president and formulator of Well In Hand, speak at a business gathering and she had mentioned Cut Rescue.  Since I purchased CUT RESCUE it has come in handy to nearly instantly stop bleeding from cuts. A friend received a deep scalp gash and Cut Rescue stopped it. I annually spend weeks in the mountains and forests. CUT RESCUE is in my pack. I like the assurance that cuts from sharp rocks, briars, and hidden barbed wire become only an inconvenience when I use Cut Rescue. Of course I carry a needle and thread just in case.  Thank you for formulating CUT RESCUE and making this remarkable product available for my first aid kit.  Sincerely, JB"

"CUT RESCUE is like a miracle to me! My friend’s finger split open. This is a chronic thing with him. I loaned him my bottle of CUT RESCUE. He’d tried everything and the next week he said that this is the first time anything has worked for him. He just sprinkled it into the cracks and it closed up and healed. He is looking to get his own bottle now. I knew it would work for him because it works for my mom and me for the same problem."

"My daughter was riding her unicycle at high speed and she was trying to pick up a traffic cone when she fell. She got an amazing road rash   nasty   6 inches wide.   I put the CUT RESCUE on it and it completely scabbed over right away and doesn’t hurt. It was amazing. I cannot tell you how much I use CUT RESCUE on people and yet I still have tons. It doesn’t take much to do the trick."

"I am on Coumadin. This month the doctor took a tumor out of my arm. I told him not to use a big bandage but he did, anyway. Band-aids always rip my skin. My skin is pretty bad nowadays. This was a really bad one when he pulled off the tape. I bled all over the place until I put on your CUT RESCUE. It stopped the bleeding, of course, right away. I have been using CUT RESCUE for three and a half or four years now. I use it all the time when I bump into things and when I cut myself. One bottle tends to last me about a year."

"I've also used the CUT RESCUE both for myself and my dog. Recently my dog torn one of her nails down to the quick - so I got the CUT RESCUE out and put it on the bleeding nail.It stopped the bleeding with one application and she didn't even need it reapplied. I've also used it on my face and hands with great success. One tip I'd like to pass along is that I use a Q-tip to apply it as the q-tip picks up just enough of the powder and makes it very easy to apply it to just the right area."

"I would like to give you my experience with one of your products - CUT RESCUE. I try to use natural and organic products whenever possible. CUT RESCUE fits that profile. I was doing yard work and scraped my leg. The wound did not really bleed, however, CUT RESCUE was the remedy. Not only did it stop the oozing from the scrape, it helped with the pain from burning and stinging. I also cut my ankle shaving my legs. I used CUT RESCUE to stop the bleeding - which it did immediately. After tending my wound with CUT RESCUE, my dog proceeded to lick the spot where the CUT RESCUE was doing the magical work. Not to worry, CUT RESCUE is pet friendly and will not harm your pets. CUT RESCUE can be used on pet wounds as well as pet nails when grooming. Please feel free to use this testimonial for promoting this product."

"I am a vet assistant in an animal hospital. Often times my colleagues are in a rush while trimming claws and they cut the quick too closely causing the paw to bleed. It is hard to stop the bleeding because after you've hurt them, they won't sit still. CUT RESCUE is a quick, effective way to stop the bleeding without scaring the animal. It is also helpful for the staff when cats scratch us and other mishaps occur.

"Dear Daughter, I was reading your web pages and noted the ad for CUT RESCUE. All Spring, I kept thinking about asking about it whenever I got stabbed by a rose thorn or whatever. Monday night, I found a jar in my medicine cabinet and the next morning, I got a small cut from a knife. I applied it and it really works. And to think it had been hiding behind aspirin all this time. Thanks a lot. It is now on the kitchen table - very handy. –Mom"

"This is an open testimonial to Linda Doby and Wellinhand Herbals Remedies.  For over eight years now I have used many of the Wellinhand topical products and have recommended and given them to my clients when they travel.  The Therapy Oil is wonderful for relieving discomfort from blisters that new shoes can bring; it stops itching from bug bites and dry skin and soothes burns of all types. The Cut Rescue which my nieces call "magic dirt" is the only product I've ever seen that stops bleeding on contact without stinging and is great for people and pets in repairing everything from paper cuts to deeper cuts and wounds.  I carry all these products in my Emergency First Aid kit and travel with them around the world sharing with all who need relief. In addition to these great remedies, I can recommend Sleep Rescue for those who can't stop "thinking" long enough to relax and get sleep whether traveling or resting in your own bed.  This product also seems to have stress relieving properties. I trust completely the products by Linda Doby at Wellinhand and recommend them all without hesitation. For non chemical relief - turn to Wellinhand for natural healing and trusted products."

"I bought your CUT RESCUE and I love it!  My baby boy's cord started to bleed, so I sprinkled CUT RESCUE onto it.  I used it on the baby's cord and it fell off one day later!  In my experience, it usually it takes 5-7 days to fall off.  CUT RESCUE closed it up and it healed and the cord just fell off!  I'm going to use it tomorrow after his circumcision.  I have to say, I LOVE your products!"


"I've been using CUT RESCUE for 10 years!  It saves my life.  I've been on Coumadin and need it.  I'm calling for 2 bottles today."